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    The correct sleeping posture for good health

    Sleeping is a must for all. Sleeping is to give rest to our body and brain. We sleep on the cot over a cushion bed, or on the ground over a flat mat. Different people have different sleeping comfort. However, it is said that certain sleeping postures are helpful for good health. some may prefer to sleep straight looking up, some upside down. Someone would tilt their body to the left, and someone to the right. Despite the postures, everyone sleeps and wakes up.

    Now, the question is - Is there any posture that is to be followed to maintain good health. I read somewhere that a person should sleep keeping their head to the south or East or West, and should avoid keeping head to the North. And the person should tilt his body to the left side and sleep. It is because of the heart which is on the left. This posture helps for better blood circulation.

    What is the sleeping posture you practice? Why?
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    Sleeping postures cannot be definite and sure in everyone as we tend to change the sleep orders or postures as per the convenience and comfort of our sleep. For example while going in the train , the sleep posture cannot be straight as the length of stretching out the legs would be problematic to other passengers if our sleeper is on the single side window. At the home also many have the habit of choosing their own comfort zone of sleeping and the style varies. For me the best style would be for me to sleep on my left side and that gives me the fullest satisfaction of having the sound sleep. There are people who would sleep upside down and essentially children of small age would sleep in that posture. There are people who would get the power nap just in minutes if they sleep in easy chair and so on.
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    In our family also our elders say that we should not sleep by keeping our head towards north. They say the best is to keep the head either towards east or south. But not north and west. I don't know what is the logic in this. But in our family, we all follow the same.
    Regarding the posture, different people will have different postured for their sleep. I always feel comfortable to face the sky and see that my back, neck and head will have support. That will give me a neutral position and there will not be any extra pressure on any of the parts of our body. This is the best posture for anybody for better health.
    The next best is to sleep on our side. This will be helpful to reduce back pain and neck pain. If people who have back pain can try this posture. The Snoring will be more in the position. So keeping the neck and the head in an elevated position in a slanted way will be the best way to avoid snoring also.

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    Sleeping posture is as much important as sleeping hours in our daily routine. Our body internal organs and brain is continue working while we sleep and healing process also be faster then other time. Our body is relaxed while we sleep so It is quite difficult because when we are in a deep sleep we did not able to manage our body posture but we can try for this. My mother has neck pain from last 1 year, and her doctor suggested her to sleep without using pillow and do not sleep straight.
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    I happen to watch a video that was forwarded by a friend of mine in which the person or a swami was showing the ideal way of sleeping. He never mentioned about the best direction of sleeping as heard by many and it would not be good to comment on it as everyone has their thoughts on it. In metropolitan cities where getting 1/2 BHK flat is difficult, I don't think people would be keeping an eye on the direction of their sleeping like Eastward, north, West or South but is left only with the option to sleep where the bed is placed. In our village or house build looking every aspect of Vastu shastra, we can say that the direction can be followed otherwise it is just a verbal point.

    He mentioned few point to get proper sleep and they are as follows:
    1. Always sleep on your back or sideways as it will aid in proper digestion and removal of gas that is formed in the digestion process by the stomach.
    2. Never sleep on your stomach or completely covered by bedsheet as this will eliminate the flow of fresh air and digestion process.
    3. While sleeping, never press your knee on your stomach as many have the habit as it causes congestion inside the body or stomach thus preventing proper digestion and even putting the load on other internal organs.
    4. Do not use high pillows but a moderate one that will not put pressure on your head and help easy flow of blood to the organs and other parts of the body.
    5. Always wear loose clothes while going to sleep as it aid in free flow or air through your body and helps in relaxing your body.

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    The author is right. Though it is best to follow, but many times we cannot follow as the situation do not permit us. Similarly the directions also told by some elders to lie for sleeping.
    As I was on tour many times during my service, I happened to travel in bus and train without reserved sleepers and because of the same, I got severe pain in neck and diagnosed by doctor as cervical spondylosis. In my childhood period, I was not giving my pillow to anybody and now I have been advised by doctor not to use any pillow.

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    Comment deleted as it was duplicated
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    There are many theories related to as how we should sleep, in which direction and in which posture. Some attribute it to the magnetic field of the Earth that sleeping in N-S direction can magnetically polarise the iron elements in the body. Science has not done any such study and we cannot give a scientific opinion on that. Another thing is that some ancient knowledgeable Ayurvedic authorities had recommended to sleep on one's left side. Scientifically speaking by doing that we are helping our large intestine especially the transverse and descending colon to get gravity advantage for quick evacuation of faeces. It is also advised that if one is not getting sleep then one should try to change the side on which one is trying to sleep.
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    Sleeping posture by keeping your head towards the east is the best as the sun rises in this direction. As far as sleeping sideways, I have heard my elders say that we should sleep towards the left side.

    Some have the habit of sleeping on their stomach, this habit is not good for the overall development of the body and to the heart too.

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