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    Television serial actors do well than performers on big screen

    In those days we were not having the options of watching the television serials and thus regarded the cine actors are the best and no one can match them. But invariably in every language good serials are churned out to capture the household audience and thus the serial actors are chosen new to fit into the character and emote well than expected. What I feel that those acting in small screen serials or sit com were doing better acting given the serial being stretched to many episodes even crossing 1000 nos. In that case I give them full marks than regular actors on big screen.
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    I don't feel any difference between the actors on the big screen and on the small screen. As far as the actor is concerned it is same. But an actor who performs on the stage in the presence of the audience should be the best actor. Either it is small screen or big screen, there will be takes, cuts and retakes. Finally, the technicians like editors will edit and make the movie or the serial attractive. But in a stage show, there are no takes and retakes. They have to practice and make rehearsals. Finally, they have to get their make up done and come on to the stage and perform. This is an acid test for an actor and he has to show his ability and acting skills to get the appreciation of the audience.
    In our childhood, we used to see these Dramas and actors used to tell dialogues and dance on the stage also. Many mythological stories are used to be played as Dramas and people use to like them very much. But these days there are no such actors and no shows of that nature.

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    Acting is an art of people to gain attention of others and make them believe that whatever they are watching is real, acting would be call best when we got emotional with someone's performance. Today there is a huge competition in the field of acting as many youth wants to be famous and they feel they can act better.There are many actor and actresses in the world who perform there level best but still some of them are famous. Both platform whether its a television serials or big screen movies have a big competition and many struggles for it. Most important point is to select your own acting style , many actor actress trying to copy others which may never looks good, so one who acts in his own style will be famous in industry whether it is Television or big screen.
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    Movies and TV serials have different scope and different audience and viewers. Now I never watch TV serials. Only one TV serial I saw approximately 15 years ago 'Jassi Jesi Koi Nahi' of Mona Singh.
    As far as movies are concerned I was a big fond of movies but now I feel it's boring to spend 3 hours in a stretch. I think movie actors are more talented than TV actors. I don't mean that there is dearth of talent in small screen, rather I think number of talented stars is more in movies than tv serials.

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