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    Teach yourself before teaching others

    Being a teacher there is every chance of coming across posing of questions from the intelligent students and a good learned teacher should expect such a situation in a class or even on a online class. Now that the students are under the guidance of the parents at home while online, there are every chance parents inducing the child to ask tricky questions to the teacher during the interaction session after every class is over, in that case the teacher should be prepared to answer, otherwise she has to cut the sorry figure in front of the parents and others online.
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    A teacher should be very thorough in the subject. He should be able to clear the doubts of the students. He should be able to go to the level of the student and should be able to explain the subject in such a way that the student will understand the subject properly.

    Some times the teachers may be required to refer some books also to answer the questions of the students. That is why a teacher should be always updating his/her knowledge from time to time. The level of the subject what they studied during their studies may be different from the present day's level.

    Whether it is classroom teaching or online teaching, the role of the teacher is very important. The level of the teacher in his subject will be definitely high and an experienced teacher can manage wisely any type of situation without any problem. They might have seen very intelligent students and they might have managed. The question may appear difficult to the student or his parents but not to the teacher and he knows how he can make the student understand the subject.

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    A teacher is expected to resolve the doubts of the students if they are bogged down with some confusion. Though the teachers follow the syllabus and they don't go beyond that. Such guidelines don't make the students innovative in the process of learning. Hence the teachers are supposed to well versed in their subjects so that they can tackle any situation in the process of teaching their pupils. This would require their updating with the subject matter from the different texts and journals. It has been observed that the students develop interest in the subjects provided the teachers make the subject interesting during their teaching.

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    There is no doubt that a teacher should be, irrespective of whether it is a regular class or online, well prepared with his lessons and that includes being ready with answers to a few questions that can be anticipated. In any case, I don't find anything shameful if the teacher is not in a position to clear a doubt by a student. He can always say that he would clarify it in the next class. And in fact, that should be what a good teacher must do instead of giving incorrect or inconclusive answers.

    The amusing part of this thread is the point about parents inducing their wards to ask tricky questions to the teacher. Now, would that be teaching the students a good lesson or do such parents require to be given some lessons? I don't want to go into the details but I think the title 'teach yourself before teaching others' suits more to such situations.

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    Teachers are also human beings. They also learn things from the books and pass them on to the students convincingly and elaborately. Of course, preparation is essential for any teacher before facing the students. If the teacher is perfect and sticks to the topic, there is no need to panic. Any question raised other than the topic can be put down politely and diplomatically.
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    I agree with Saji that there is nothing 'shameful if the teacher is not in a position to clear a doubt by a student. '. The teacher can find the answer from the relevant sources and clear the student's doubt at the earliest.
    I was giving tuitions since I was in class nine. One day one of the tuition students asked some practical question regarding electrical installations. That time my house was not electrified. So I could not answer to that specific question. I told him that and assured him to answer the next day. Then I approached a well wisher who was more knowledgeable and learned more from him on this matter. Next day I could clear the student's doubt.

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    A teacher always tries to encourage students to ask questions. If a student is capable of asking a question, the teacher will be happy to notice that he or she has come prepared for the class. If the teacher is teaching for the first time, a fresher may face problems during the initial days to understand the students but with other teachers who know the psychology of their students will not encounter problems and teachers are diplomatic in handling such students, to clear their doubts individually after the class.
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    I don't think experienced teachers who have command over their subjects require to study or do any preparation to teach their students prior to taking them online. No student regardless of level of his intelligence can baffle his teacher by asking him difficult questions. What the author has implied is that the parents of the students tell them what questions they should ask their teacher. I don't think so, however, his conjecture is accepted as factual, nevertheless, a teacher will never be a laughing stock for not giving instant answers of the posed salvo of questions. He can take his own time to answer if he doesn't do it instantly. However, If he gives wrong answers, he will become a laughing stock.

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    Learn before teach is not a bad idea, when a teacher standing in front of the students this time student have a belief in their teacher that teacher knew everything about the subject but at the same time if teacher missed something may seems embarrass and we all know that is not possible whether how much or how many times one have been learn the same subject, but often we missed some facts or details about any topic sometimes, so before start, take a look and learn new points is good for both students and teachers as well. Learning is a basic human nature and we should keep learning entire life.
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