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    If you were asked to rate your life so far out of 10 points?

    Every one either big or small in age must have been gone through the challenges of our lives and it may be of full happiness to some, a mixed happening to many and a full of challenges for few but at the same time we must thank the life for giving a position and stature in the society where we live today and in that what would you rate your life success so far out of 10 points. In my case I have achieved the success rate of 8 as both of my children were doing as expected and if their marriage is performed then I would have given full 10 points. What about you?
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    I have a good career. I have two sons and both of them settled well in their jobs in MNCs in the IT field. Both of them are got married and I have two granddaughters. That way I have a happy life so far,
    I came from a middle-class family and I am lucky that my parents supported me in getting the highest level of education. I started my career in a private company and raised to the level of CEO of a company and also worked as a director in a limited company in the Private sector. That way also I am happy.
    I don't say that I achieved a lot. But I am happy with whatever I achieved. My father gave me an education. Now as a father I am able to support my sons in education and also I am able to support financially also and I can leave some assets behind me to them. That way also I am happy.
    But I can't quantity my success and I can't give some marks for my achievements. I and my wife are happy and we are able to lead a satisfying life and that is all that we want in our life.

    always confident

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    I would rate myself 10/10.
    " I am a self-reliant and self-satisfied person. I am very sincere and serious. I am also a fun lover with a smile. I am open-hearted. I love the poor and gentle. I am not greedy to possess. I am a straight forward guy. I call a spade a spade. I achieved what I could not achieve in life.

    From a penniless poor, I became a millionaire through my dedicated hard work. With my low school education, I developed my knowledge and skills exorbitantly. My platinum membership level at ISC is evidence to prove it. I can write creative stories and poems. I could get my children highly educated. They are well settled in life. I could support and help other families and friends. I have NO worries. And I have a good bank balance for survival. Further, I have sufficient sugar with me"

    What is left to achieve is - A peaceful departure from this lovely earth.

    No life without Sun

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    I consider myself a simple and generally low profile, humble person. I do not keep high ambition or greedy aims. I believe in God, other human beings, myself and fate. So I do not have complaints about my till now life. When I compare with others (in a level playing field) I consider I have done quite well. God has been kind to me all these times, has come to my help in some way whenever I was in crisis and feeling helpless. God has given me a loving and supportive spouse without whom I could not have come to this level.( I had written about my parents and grandparents role in my life in some erlier contexts).
    God has given me all normal things needed for a simple human being. Of course there are a few more things to be done as a parent, elder etc in normal course of life. I am sure, with God's kindness and support of my good family and friends; they also will be carried out smoothly.
    I do not want to rate my life on a numerical standard scale, but I can say that I do not have much regrets with my life. I pray God to give me the same peace, progress, health and happiness ahead also.

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    It's too early to rate myself as of now because I have just reached halfway of my life. My kids are small and are still in school. But if I have to rate my life till now then I will give 5/10 as my childhood was very tough though I manages to do engineering but still have a tough job.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    If we rate our success ten out of ten then, there is no further improvement or changes in our life. If we rate less then, we have to add more value to it. So I would say instead of rating, I have had a contented life.

    Life is full of happiness and sorrow, success and failures, challenges, accepting, arguing, commanding, fear, anxiety and so on. We have to face it until we complete our lives on their earth. The ratings can be given by the people who will be left behind us based on the hearts we would have won through our deeds.

    Lead the leader

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    Life is a sum up of what you learned and what you earned not in materialistic terms but in terms of respect and career with a tasteful family.
    Talking about my career I am into many things, working as a faculty in the most renowned coaching institute of India gives me immense pleasure when students respect me and when the passed out students shower their love by putting my name on their social media status giving me the credit for their English skills, motivation and marks.
    As a model, I feel privileged walking on the ramp, facing cameras and getting crowned by celebrities. I feel immensely Happy when so many people come to see the vogue in me and my ramp mates.
    My family blooms when we all are together. It's only my family and friends who exactly knows how much I actually speak as for others I am quite an introvert and too sophisticated person. I don't remember if I was ever scolded anytime by my family. Yes, they love and praise me every time.
    My friends are all my school time friends. They are in a daily touch with me. Whether they need some advice or want to plan something I am the first person whom they contact. The childhood friendship is still continuing with same emotions speaks itself how deep the bond is.
    K. Mohan sir, kindly tell what my score is?
    I am 100% happy and +25% extra satisfied with my life.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Monika I am assuming that you are leading a contended life and I came to know that you are a model and accept my best wishes for your future recognition.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have a loving and caring family, for what I thanks to my god every day who gave me this life and this family. I do not think that I am a eligible person who judge it and rate for this as life is a gift for me. My life is completely full of blessings and whatever we have is just a part of god's blessings. As far as my life's ambition is concerned I always wanted to be a writer and again god gives me one more gift in the form of ISC where I feel my dream will come true soon. So still if you are asking about rating then definitely I will go with 10 out of 10.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    As per my ambitions and aspirations whatever I achieved is of mediocre value and as time is less now I do not think that would be able to make out the deficit. At the same time it does not mean that I am unhappy. Happiness is a state of mind and it does not relate to achievements or failures and in fact one should assume like that to be happy and to remain happy. So, I have got a happy family and nice relatives, a good reputation where I live, communicating with friends in many groups, a good internet presence, and many other things to feel proud of. In spite of that I would honestly rank myself at 7/10. There are many things in life which I could not do and now it is not possible to go for them. That void has reduced my score from 10 to 7. But I am happy with 7 also as there are a large number of people in this world whose score is hovering around 3-4 only.
    Knowledge is power.

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