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    A unique college Online Independence Day Celebration amid pandemic.

    Mumbai: Today is Saturday, 15th August 2020 our 74th Independence Day that we are celebrating betwixt the lockdown scenario due to the ongoing pandemic "COVID-19." The celebration of this year was just as everyone thought i.e. an online celebration with same gusto but this time, it was a celebration with a combination of parents, teachers and students of the college.

    The event was organized by the college PTA of Agnel Polytechnic – Vashi, with assigning the challenge of organizing the fiesta to the special student's committee that was selected from every branch, led by the college prefect. The theme was set to be traditional wear with national integration. As the college has five branches, each branch had six members i.e. two students from each year from with family, one class teacher from each class, college principal, HOD of each department, five PTA member and five organizing committees that takes the total members for the gala to sixty. They organized the following events for the jamboree which would be given prizes for the top three in each category:
    a) Traditional wear with National Integration – Every participant has to wear their traditional wear as per their caste or state along with family members fusing with Independence Day theme. The screen gave the ultimate unity in diversity fell as everyone was dressed in their authentic attire and three winners were picked by the college principal.

    b) Patriotic song singing competition – Every department was given a language to learn and sing a patriotic song other than Hindi or English as it was most common. The Marathi song "He Rashtra Devtanche" won the prize.

    c) Elocution Competition – Each class had to speak for 2-minutes on any freedom or national leader that took part in our independence fight. So within 45 minutes, fifteen freedom fighters were highlighted by students and the jury selected 3 best speakers who spoke about Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Dr B.R. Ambedkar and Vallabhai Patel won the prize.

    d) Independence Day theme Quiz competition – The organizing committee organized a 74 question quiz competition for everyone following the theme of India's independence which included topics on freedom fighters, Indian constitution, patriotic movies and songs, etc. The answer needs to be sent to the group WhatsApp number. The person sending the first correct answer will get points and the top 3 were selected for prize from the PTA members.

    Every member along with teachers participated with full zest and interest which was much more than expected while celebrating it online. The final result with the prize for each competition was announced by the organizing committee. The HOD gave the vote of thanks and our loving PTA committee sponsored the prize which would be sent to respective winners through online within a week. The group stood in attention, repeated the pledge after our college principal, we sang the National Anthem and lastly the patriotic song "Hum honge kamyab." A unique Independence Day ended with full of ebullience and enthusiasm than expected.

    (My entry for the Independence Day contest -unique online celebrations by schools and colleges )
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    The pandemic situation has created a new thought among the colleges and this post testifies that nothing can snatch our routines when it comes to national interest.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Independence Day reminds us of the dedications of our leaders in getting the freedom. They have sacrificed a lot, sometimes their lives even with the cruel hands of Britishes. To name a few, Sahid Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose etc did not mind to sacrifice their lives for the good cause. To comomerate their preaching, their relentless spirit to fight the Britishes cannot be forgotten. Let us all recall up their sacrifices in achieving the Independence Day and pas on their noble thoughts to the younger generation.

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    Nice submission from the author. Online celebrations were planned very nicely and various competitions were conducted online and announced the winners also. Good planning and the teachers, students and Principal need to be appreciated for their good planning and execution.
    Independence day is to be celebrated by all of us to remember the sacrifices of various people who lost their lives also and never cared for their comforts also. The people like Alluri Sitaramaraju revolted against Britishers and shown them the capacity of Indians. He showed what Nations means to our Indians.

    always confident

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    From this beautiful narration from the author it is very clear that though the students and teachers cannot meet physically with each other on the republic day but it can be celebrated online in almost same way as that of the earlier one where so many competitions and activities used to be planned. So, today what we need is an online platform like Google meet or Zoom or Skype on which we can perform and present our things to others on such occasions. I think many school and colleges would be in a position to conduct things in such a mode now.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A promptly submitted entry well tailored for the cotest. Otherwise also a good narration.

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    Yesterday my nephew was asking me about the same question that how we will celebrate 15th august this year, I said don't worry we will find a new way very soon.World is learning many new ways to live life and at the same time also finding many positive benefits in this era, the way of celebrating independence day in a new way is also one of them. This is what we learnt in history also how a man learn step by step as per their environment and adapt new hings as they need so it is very good thing in human nature is adaptation.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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