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    Unprecedented order of High Court

    On hearing a bail application concerning a molestation case, having granted the bail to accused who'd been imprisoned for 2 month in jail the M.P. High Court gave an unprecedented order to be abide by the accused.

    * That the accused would go to the victim's home on Raksha Bandhan and would get the Rakhi tied on his hand by the victim.

    * That the accused being the brother of the victim would always protect her.

    * That the accused would give her Rs 11,000 as the gift on Raksha Bandhan

    * That the trial will be continued despite said obligation.

    This order reminds me an old movie 'Dushman' of Rajesh Khanna who played a role of a truck driver. A man was killed by him in an accident and court ordered him to live with the family of the deceased so that he could realize what a major sin he had committed.
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    Sometimes the routine punishment ordered to the wrong doers will not mend their ways and when then the court decides some unique orders, it will not only force the accused to think twice committing any crime in future and also teach the lesson to others as to court can go too far to punish them differently. And in this the court has given the verdict which no one would have expected. At least now the wrong doer would change his attitude after coming out of the jail and behave nicely with others as he would be under close watch after the jail term is over as he has been the mark of new era punishment.
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    A good thought by the High Court Judge which is to be hailed by all. Giving bail to the culprit by putting the novel conditions is very nice to here. But is such sort of conditions bring any change in the thought process of the culprit and is he going to change? These are the question I am getting in my mind. However, we should welcome such decisions. But whether the victim is going to accept that culprit as a brother is also a question to be thought off.
    In Telugu also I have seen a movie, in which a hero committed a mistake because of which a family suffered heavy loss and the breadwinner of the family was killed. Then the hero realised his mistake and he decided to be with that family and see that the family members will not suffer in their lives. Probably it may be a remake from Hindi

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    This is a very interesting information and it shows that sometimes the courts also can think in terms of the out of the box ideas. Sometimes these measures might reform the culprit as he has to feel sorry about his ways in front of the society. Courts should do such things more in numbers so that a psychological pressure would be built upon the culprits and their associates. The idea of Gram Panchayat is based on these premises only where such decisions are taken at a lower level but the accused person is psychologically pressurised to mend his ways.
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    After reading the thread I searched for details in this matter.
    The bail is a natural bail as, for more than sixty days the accused was in jail and his custody is no more needed for the case procedures. Both the accused and the complainant are married persons and have their own families. The complaint is of intentional behaviour. All these would have prompted the unique conditions in the Bail order.
    Only the concerned lawyers can shed more light on this matter. It is my guess that they also would have agreed or at let not objected to the conditions.

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    In spite of all the brainstorming, the incidents of rapes are not coming to an end. The professional of the law along with the masses have tried their level best to curtail these incidents, without any outcome.
    When these incidents come to light it is painful for the victim, whereas the accuse is put behind bars for some time and then released on bail.
    The order given by the MP High Court is novel. But actually the victim has to accept the accuse as her brother or not, she is not bound by this order of the court. It is a punishment for the accuse not the victim.
    At the end, it is a debate that will never come to an end, as to how these inhuman incidents of rape can be done away with? Hope some day it would end, at last!

    Nadeem Naqvi

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