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    Be careful when sharing something with someone

    It is a habit since childhood that when we tell someone something, then we say it, do not tell to anyone, but have we ever thought that when we do not keep our things to ourselves, then why would another person keep it?

    Every one of us has experience in our life, as per their age and other incidences, according to my experience which may less but I think we should never tell these 2 things -
    First - the old bad memories of life that you want to forget yourself should not be told to everyone
    Second - don't tell your weakness to everyone because you don't know when people will take advantage of it

    Members, please give your opinion from your experience that what we should not tell everyone.
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    I hate such people who use the phrase - "I will tell you something. Please don't tell others". Or "I will tell you something, but don't tell others that I have told this to you". More than men, women follow this trend. Secrets should never be shared with ladies, as they have been cursed by Yuthistra of Mahabharatha. Women cannot maintain secrecy. Many families suffered because of the loose talks of women members of the family.

    You are right with the two things that should not be shared with others.

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    If we want to spread something which we know, what we have to do? Tell the same to one or two persons and tell both of them not to tell anybody. That's enough. it will reach many. If you take on average each member tells the same thing, two people, from you to 2, from them to 4 and from that four to 8. This chain will not break. It will go and finally, it will reach more than you want.
    If you don't want some information to be very confidential, you should not tell the same even to anybody. Then only you can keep the confidentiality of the information. But it is very difficult to keep the information without telling anybody. There will be some weak moments where we can't resist ourselves from divulging the information.
    Sometimes we will get back the information what we told somebody and asked them to keep it confidential. We will get astonished when such things happen and we feel sorry for our slip of the tongue.

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    Our human tendency is just to go on the other side. If we ask one to do a thing they will think but if we tell him not to do he automatically do the same as first work. In old raja stories, a witch tell the stranger, " Do not to open the particular room and except that room you can go any where in this palace." The stranger immediately after the departure of witch, try to open the door of the room.
    Similar to this we are all think more than twice when telling anything to anybody. Though we are not telling in criticized way but the hearing person may twist into a criticized one.
    Even in service we should not talk to others openly as the same may turn against us at any moment.

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    Your friend will do the opposite whatever you have told him. It is the human psychology and there is no denyl that your friend won't keep the matter to himself. He is tempted to disclose all such facts for which he has been warned not to disclose.
    The best recourse is to keep all such secrets within yourself if you would like to have a secrecy. Many a time such loose talks have spoiled our relationship.

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    There are some people around us who are more interested to retrieve more information from you rather rather they telling anything about them. I am totally against those persons who do not give time to us when required but try to disturb our life at the odd hours and even ask us to accompany for going out at the odd timings. Remember such so called friends are coming to us after others rejected their moves and we should not give chance to make us to follow them. And those who are habituated to know our weakness and exploit and expose the same in front of other like minded friends are most dangerous and we should be careful with them not to discuss personal matters. However we have to rely on friends to share and discuss our challenges and sad moments of the life but we must be choosy between best friends.
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    A secret need to kept private or else it is never a secret. The writer has highlight a good point that even though everyone has some or other things that are very personal and need not be shared, he needs to keep it to himself/herself for it to be as it is or else, it will spread everywhere. The 2 points that the writer has given about not to disclose one's bad or memories that we want to get rid of to others as there are many chances that at one point or other, the next person may utter it in front of others and it again erupts in your mind. The second point of never to tell your weakness to others as the time or behaviour can change of the other person and he may use this to get favours or even prick on your weakness to hurt you. Our weakness needs to be only ours and till that weakness doesn't become our strength, never disclose it to any other person. There is one addition of never to disclose any personal or family information to another party as even this can spread in no time. Let the top-secret be only inside us so that others won't be able to take advantage of it at any time.
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    Well, we all are aware of the pitfalls if our personal details are shared on dubious websites asking for such details. Time to time we receive such messages warning us about not to disclose some details to anybody. These are security measures and we must be aware of the loopholes. Same is the case with human beings. There are some secrets that people share with their closest friends and depending on the trustworthiness it either remains a secret between the two or become public. What you wish to forget, just forget. If you share it with any other person then you are remembering it one more time. It is correct that if you share your weakness with others, they can take advantage. So, you should work on those weaknesses so that they can become your strength.

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    The follow up on banned apps are providing more knowledge and limiting the criteria to some extent so that when we choose a keyword-based search, we could visualise so many apps.
    It is always prudent to stay neutral in our discussions related to personal information while such thoughts are expressed in social media. We cannot identify the spy just like coronavirus, he or she is invisible and completes all the activities in disguise, letting people being the real-time sufferers.

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    Let us examine the matter from a sentimental and feelings point of view rather than a rational and logical view. Why a person confides with other person is because it helps him to reduce his stress level. It is well known that if you share your griefs with others you feel less burdened. So, due to this reason many people share even the confidential personal things with friends or companions. There is always a risk of getting these things leaked to unscrupulous elements but many of us do these mistakes in our lives only to repent later. The interesting thing is that if we cannot keep a thing confined to ourselves then how the friend, to whom we have told it, would keep it with him.
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    I agree with the author and it's true that having disclosed our secret to someone we want him to keep those secret in his heart. It's quite childish. But despite knowing all this we do mistake of sharing our secrets to other people. However, some of the people are so strong in keeping their secrets within themselves that come what may they never disclose their secrets even to their own family. I think instead of remembering bad memories or keeping them alive we should bury them peacefully because past is dead and dead should be buried instead of trying to preserve it.

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