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    The another reason for wearing a mask in the public places.

    Last Week when going back to home from office, I evident of few of the commuters being fined for not wearing masks on their faces. I could not get those goings-on until I was also asked to park my bike just by the roadside. I did have a realization that I never got so polite request from some good position police officer but as a good citizen of the country I proceeded to their request. I was not feared of anything because I was carrying all the documents. The officer asked me for an identity card, and I produced the same instantly but then he went ahead asking for fine of Rs. 500/- for not wearing mask. My whole emotions washed-out at once bringing altogether the worst of the feelings for the officer but he kept smiling in front of me ready to allot with the time I desired to have. Finally, when finding no other way and when realizing that the officer was in no mood to show some mercy, I put out one 500/- Rupee note from my purse and gave that to him. The officer got some more smiles on his face and then moved to other commuters. In between he arranged for the receipt of the same.
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    We may forget our wife, children, even other belongings while rushing out, but we should surely have the vehicle documents, the money purse , the specs and the mask tied to our face. This I am ensuring every day before leaving the home and a sanitizer is always kept in the dicky of the scooter so that I clean the hands often. Now wearing mask has become the compulsion as we are not aware of who is carrying the disease and where from the virus can enter our body. For me if going out is the compulsion on two wheeler, I shall wear the helmet, the spectacles, and the mask compulsorily and I would not remove these things on the route and only when reach the destination i shall feel free to remove all those things. Likewise before reaching home everything including clothes would be removed and washed with hot water before entering the home again.
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    These days mask is very important when we go out to the public places. We should not go without a mask. That may lead to a very difficult situation. One of my distant relatives go for walking in the morning. He went for walking without a mask. No Police have seen him. But COVID 19 not left him. He was admitted in the hospital and he recovered. But the cost is Rs.7 Lakhs. Rs.500 is always better than Rs.7 lakhs. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the virus will get cured. So let us worry about these issues more than Rs.500/-
    We all should think that is also an essential part of our body and even in the house when we are talking to an outsider we should see that we have a mask and the other person also is having a mask.
    But many people are seen these days without having a mask roaming outside. Such people should be educated and informed about the necessity of a mask and what are the problems one may face if no mask is used.

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    Due to COVID-19, the mask has become an essential part and parcel of our life. It has become a protecting gear to wear while away from home. It is more than helmet wear. The helmet is worn only to protect ourselves, but a mask is worn to protect the whole public. I would say that a fine of 500/- is not enough, but a jail without bail would be good enough to deal with such individuals who refuse to wear a mask in public places. The law enforcement authorities should not be merciful to the public not respecting the masks.

    Your thread title "The another reason for wearing a mask in the public places." has no relevance to your summary. It is a government order to wear a mask. If you default, you are fined. It is quite natural. Law takes its course.

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    You are worried for not using mask but what about helmet. If you wear helmet, no police officer will bother to check whether or not you are wearing mask.

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    Just to clarify that I was carrying the mask but in pocket because I was driving alone and I was not using this on my face and good enough practicing the social distancing.

    I always wear the helmet when driving.

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    Imposing a fine of Rs 500/- will certainly create an impact on our thinking and while thinking going out, we will ensure that our face is covered with the mask apart from using helmet. Giving instructIons, educating or making any one concious of the essential duties prior to leaving house does not impress them. However on monetary angle, we are a lit bit concious. It may change our attitude for the better.
    How irony is that we are to be taught regarding the essential aspect to be followed in the COVID regime. We take most of the things casually unless we pay a penalty for violating the norms.

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    Masks are not wallets to be kept in our pockets. These days masks are very important, even if you would have hung it to your chin than to your mouth, it would have saved you from the fine.

    It is observed that masks are worn just for namesake, it is sometimes used as a handkerchief to clean hands, face. I have noticed most masks below the chin but if any other person is not wearing, all the crowd starts to stare at him or her who has not worn it.

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    Mask is a primary protection and we must wear it. As people are taking it casually that is why Govt was forced to levy a penalty for not wearing it. Mask protects us but at the same time protects others from us. We might be having an attack of corona virus but due to our immune system or resistance to it we may not be apparently look like a corona patient but if we go out without wearing mask someone weak and fragile might get the infection from us and may lose his life. So, we should not be selfish and think only about us. Let us wear mask and help others to protect from this deadly virus.
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