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    Role of parents besides the teachers

    On the other day I watched a debate in Tamil on the topic of teacher's role. Though many gave views that teacher's role is not much than the parents, the role of teachers is really a tremendous one over the parents was the judgment given by the mediator. According to me it is very correct in the present scenario rather than before some years back. Now the parents have no time to spare for children amidst their office or work exigencies. They drive or stay away from the brothers or parents in order to secular family system. I have seen in our street two children came from school waiting at the entrance of their house till their father or mother come from work. By sitting there they are doing their home work.
    When I travel from my office in one bus four or five children doing their home work in the bus itself as it took more than an hour to reach their home.
    Parents are just leaving everything to the teacher and they are escaping from their responsibility. In fact to some age level the children are longing for love rather than education, they forget.
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    Correctly said by the author. The role of parents is always immense and at this challenging time it is more than expected as the children cannot mend their ways for the online studies and they have to heavily depend on the parents who in turn has to see their office works and cannot give much time. And we have gone through the ordeal of nurturing our two children during their school time, and being in primary section, the timings of two children are different and we have to stay put at the school ground, and finish the lunch and even the home work for the little child and by the time the time the school long bell would ring for the elder child to come out and we have to take care of his lunch and home works at the home. Sometimes he would feel like eating at the school for that we have to get prepared.
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    Parents play many different roles in their children life they have to change their role character as per the need of the situation. Parents have to be teacher, friends, etc for their children. In today scenario when pandemic era is not allowing our children to go to school or outside so only parents is their who can teach their child.
    It is said that All is well when end is well, this time at have many issues but at the same time parents who were busy with their work and do not spend as much time with their children is now working from home, playing with their children, talking to them this is best moment for child and here parents also playing the role of teacher to teach them at home.

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    It is not correct to leave everything to the teachers. Parents are more responsible than the teachers. In a year a school will work for maximum 250 days. Working hours will be a maximum of 7 hours. That means the maximum time a student will spend in the school will never be more than 250 X 7 hours = 1750 hours and the remaining time that is ( 250X 17 ) + (115 X 24) = 7010 hours they are out of school only. out of this 7010 hours maximum time, the students will be in the house only. So parents should know they are spending that time and they should see that they will be in the correct path. In olden days in combines families grandparents are making a good contribution in taking care of the children. But these days because of small families, parents have to take complete responsibility for the children. But unfortunately both the parents will be busy in their office works and may not be finding time to give to their children. This is the main problem.
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    Teachers teach the students and help them in acquiring knowledge. Their role is very important. We cannot repay a teacher for the great amount of academic wisdom that he has inculcated in his students. We bow our head in respect of teachers. Parents may not teach to their children or might not even help in the homework but they have a greater responsibility to keep a strict watch on the child's behaviour and activities because the children of tender age generally fall in bad company and ruin their lives. Parents have to be very alert and cautious for the proper upbringing of their children and have to do necessary efforts for that.
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