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    We cannot be saints to forgo everything nor be a sinner to worry future

    Being human right from the childhood we must be facing hurdles, challenges, bad moments and even good thriving life but they may be for a little while. We are not saints to forget the past, present and future, certainly we have the huge responsibility in the family, society and the nation at large. Likewise we cannot be sinners as we have to worry about the future as the law would be catching up sooner or late. So being normal is also not possible as there is no place for sincere living in the world. Then what to do?
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    The author is really worried, it seems. Still, there is a chance for normal people to live on this earth. We need not be saints. At the same time, we need not do any illegal activity also on this earth. All middle-class people are managing their lives in this society. They are not saints nor they have any voice to shout. But they are living. As long as we are not doing any mistake we need not worry. Only when we do illegal activities only we have to worry that we may land in a problem. Earn legally, don't involve yourselves in any unnecessary controversy with new people that too in a new area. Don't interfere in arguments or controversies with other people for small issues. Be friendly with all, That will give you safety more than anything else. Try to help people who are in need. That will secure you a better position/
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    There is no need to be a saint or a sinner, be as you are now. Everybody is saying that there is no place for people who are sincere and unfortunately nobody is sincere. We always think of complex things and try to make a simple thing complex. Thinking in a simple way make it much easier. The more complex you will think more will be the chances of surrounding by complexities. We need to overcome the difficulties we are facing now. By the way, do you know the difference between the saint and the sinner?

    "The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future" - Oscar Wilde.

    So, don't worry. Even if you are a sinner now there is always a chance to become a saint in future.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Life is all about our present and people should just play their role in present with perfection without thinking about past performance or worry about upcoming performance. we all are here to live and do whats we need to do for living whether its a human or animal all are doing their duties towards their families so it would be difficult to find our whats is right or wrong as we all have different opinions.Some thing is right for me so I do it but at the same time that would be wrong for another person so they think what I did was a sin and I will have to pay for it in future but who know what is sin or not. But yes we should keep one thing in mind that do not perform our duties to harm anyone by knowingly.
    Swati Sharma

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    Every person is a unique specimen in himself and one need not to be a saint or sinner because some such entities are already living in this world around us. In my perspective, if a person is occupied and is able to earn one's livelihood then there is no point in indulging in other unnecessary things in one's lives. It is said that many saints are saints because of compulsion out of not getting success in other traits. At the same time many sinners are sinners because they found it easy to commit crimes and make easy money out of it. So the society should have an environment where these both aspects are to be discouraged and the potential energy of these people should be utilised for the welfare and well being of the society and in larger perspective - for the country.
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    Your threads represent the feelings of a common man and can be considered as a 'Thought of the Day' in simple terms. If this thought generated to post a thread, it's okay. But if you are thinking in these lines, I can say it is becoming too personal and you are really more worried. Continue to be what you are and take a decision to act upon when needed.

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    All of us more or less are on the same level because we are common men. We live almost a normal life. Thinking too much about all these issues as mentioned by the author is useless, furthermore, it may create unnecessary problems for us. If thinking too much is continued, most probably, will cause mental disorder too. This life is as it comes with each and every moment and we have to live our every moment with hope and positive thinking. But opening post of the author implies pessimistic approach about people. This thinking can't be considered as sound thinking. However, I have sympathy with him who is worried about what he experiences in his life.

    I think we should focus on our life and our family instead of focussing on what is happening around us. Be moderate and be happy should be our motive to spend a healthy life.

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    Members need not have any apprehensions as I am leading normal life and having self confidence more than past.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is not necessary to be a saint or a sinner to lead the life. Choose the middle path, be analytical, don't interfere unnecessarily with others in some controversy and earn in the rational way. You should be prompt enough to pay your income tax and keep your self updated in this regard. You should maintain cordial relationships with your neighbours and as far as possible, help the aged people to your level best. Such an act will provide you mental satisfaction. In order to be happy in life, it is always better some spare time for the people living around us. Engage sometime with the neighbors kid and this will definitely be a good time pass apart from getting mental relaxation.

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    In transactional analysis of human behaviour, it is seen that people are in three ego states viz- adult state, child state and parent state. But to have a proper one-to-one meaning full communication and behaviour we should be in the adult state. Adult state should keep the other two states under control by our own considered thoughts and actions.

    Similarly we should try to be normal human beings always and keep the other two sides, of sinners or saints, in control. One can aim to be saint always, but then it needs much renunciations and that is not easy in our practical life. Sinning should not and cannot be encouraged. Hence we should always be in normal state making our own thoughts and actions thinking and analysing using our faculties and considering environmental factors like duty, responsibility and accountability and belonging.

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