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    I need detail information about ask expert section in ISC

    yesterday, I did answer in ask expert section only. Then the first alert was as status changed to approved and second alert was status changed to deleted for the same answer. For second alert reason was a duplicate. All answer are in red colour marking and written as you can't resubmit this answer. But as far as I know, everything written is in my own language. I never copied from anywhere. Please share your knowledge.
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    Editor sir,
    once again check my thread and change the status.Here is my thread for which status changed to deleted.

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    Some members will be asking some questions in this section. If we have some knowledge about that particular question we can answer in our own language. We should not copy from any other source. We can read from various places but we should make our own answer with the knowledge we gained. The ISC will check for the copied content and if they find any copied content they will reject our answer. This is what I know about this section. If you want further clarification specific to your post only the concerned editor can clarify your doubt. In the above-referred post, your answer was approved and points and CC were also given. What is the complaint?
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    I checked it out. You had submitted the same answer twice. You got an alert for the first answer as approved and the alert for the second answer as deleted because the second answer was a duplicate of the first one. Deleted answers will appear in red font. The reason for the deleted answer clearly states 'Duplicate' and not 'Copied'. Let us know if you require any further clarification.

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    Just now visited your answer to the ask expert question and you are awarded five points and five cash credits. Hope your concern is addressed here through my reply.
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    This happens many times that by mistake we submit same answer two times and in that case the second answer being duplicate of first one is deleted. This is a normal thing and nothing to bother about it. Try to take care and do not submit the duplicate answers. This is true for the forum section also. Do not post the same response two times.
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    Please go through this thread where all the FAQs of various sections are put together - Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines for your better understanding.

    In fact, we should have withdrawn the points and c.c as you have answered to an AE question which is more than 6 months old. All the members are requested not to pull AE Questions which are more than 6 months old and no points and c.c for answering such questions. I have locked that particular question now.


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