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    Have you ever checked your blacklist?

    Time to time many of you receive promotional messages from some company whose name you have never heard of. During the lockdown period and also a month after lockdown, I didn't receive any such message. It started a few days earlier and though my number is registered in NDNC registry such messages keep coming. I am not asking why this happens or looking for a remedy rather I found something funny related to such messages that comes from various sender IDs and shortcodes. I find such messages irritating and to stop messages from such shortcodes and sender IDs further I place each of those senders IDs in the blacklist. Even if I receive promotional calls, I keep those numbers in the blacklist too. Sometime earlier, I thought of checking the blacklist having such IDs and to my surprise, I found the list is almost a long one like the usual contact list. I wonder if I delete the list, what is going to happen! By the way, have you ever checked your blacklist?
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    I installed the True Caller app on my phone. Whenever a spam call comes, it will show spam. I will never respond to such calls. If I am free and if I think I can spend some time, I answer that call and start talking irritating the other fellow and finally make him cut the call., Very rarely I do it.
    Even in emails also we receive many such emails. Many promotional and unsolicited emails will be coming. It is a waste of time to read such emails. I will never open them and just delete them once in a while.
    But I never made any blacklist and hence there is no chance for me to look at the blacklist.

    always confident

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    There has been increased botheration of messages which we have not asked for and keep on pouring in as commercial promotions though we have not given them the cell number. Especially the super markets are giving the latest updates of discounts and offers. But what is more irritating for me is the Jio messages to renew the monthly recharge which starts seven days in advance and daily at least four to five messages in English and Telugu has been received. Mukesh Ambani should realize that as a customer we are not going to run away from India and there is no need to give so many messages and that is irritating beyond the patience.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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