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    $3 has been deducted from my Google Adsense account

    Today I visited my Google Adsense account and found that $3 has been deducted from my account of July as invalid traffic. I do not know how did it happen? I have never done anything illegal. Is this a matter of concern? What should I do now? How can I prevent this type of invalid traffic? Should I inform the Google Adsense team for the same?

    The respected members are requested to guide me about the matter. My knowledge about Google Adsense is as a drop of water in ocean.
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    We have discussed this in a forum discussion about 1-2 months back and the thing is that many members have reported that these deductions are being done in their Google Adsense account. I also have same problem and interesting thing is that almost whatever is earned in a month is being deducted in the name of illegal traffic. It means whenever we are visiting our page for submitting our response or editing etc it is being taken as an illegal traffic as impressions made by us would not count for revenue earning. This is what comes to my mind but definitely the experienced members and editors might throw more light on this issue. As this is something done by Google Adsense at their end, I do not think that ISC would be helpful in resolving this problem.
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    This thing is happening for me last 6-8 months. I lost even 6-7 dollars in some months. Most of the earnings were removed as invalid traffic. One dollar or less than one dollar was added to my account even though I earned 5 or 6 or 7 dollars. It never happened in the past 5-6 years. Is it a new policy of Google AdSense? While I am browsing net I found this payment depends on the payment of advertisers to Google and some times the advertisers don't pay properly.

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