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    We should keep our eyes on the window too .........

    In life, all of us often pay attention to where there is a high chance of trouble and due to this, many times we are not able to pay attention to those small negligence which later becomes a big problem.
    People always want to take care of their loved ones and want to save them from any problems but sometimes we ignores small things. Why does a person understand only when trouble takes a big form?
    We must be alert and be observing the things that are going around us, so we should keep our eyes on the door as well as the windows
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    Prevention is better than cure. This is what we will be hearing from many people. So we should be careful and avoid risks in our lives. Once we are careful we will not even miss small deviations or mistakes. Once we notice them, we will take remedial action and that will make the system will be without any problem.
    Be observing always and be cautious always. In such case we can observe minor deviations also and as soon as start developing and we can control the. This is the best approach.
    It true many of us will ignore small issues thinking that they are small. But if we don't monitor regularly, that small stone may become a big hill and we may not be able to move it from its place,

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    Small negligence always lead to big problem as we presume that we can take remedial actions sooner or later, but by the time the damage has been done. For example these days the scooters are running with tubeless tires and we do not know when the puncture would happen as we can ride the vehicle even with less air. But the neglect would cost big as there are every chance of tire getting bust when it is on the move. So attending to the puncture is just two minutes time and we should not neglect the same. When the children are at the home we should be ever alert when they approach the doors or windows.
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    Taking care of small things and mending them at an earlier stage is something which only meticulous and serious persons can achieve to perform. Most of the people are by nature negligent and careless and only repent when something goes bad with them or their family members. For example if we see that our children are doing something wrong and do not bang them for it or punish them then they would take it for granted that they can repeat those mischiefs or wrong actions. Many parents take that corrective action but there are many who say that children are tender and delicate and we have to deal with them softly.
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    Alertness, vigilance and rudence is ncessary always. Many troubles can be avoided or damage reduced by these.
    small hole is enough to sink a boat. Once should not be deliberately negligent. Wherever necessary proper precautions are to be taken.

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    I agree with the author that small problem can change into a big problem unless it is nipped in the bud. Generally, we don't heed to small issue as it doesn't seem to be harmful or much effective, therefore, is taken for granted but gradually, over the time, it begin to shape into a detrimental thing but then it's too late to be remedied. So, it is better for us and our family to decimate any small problem in the beginning of its existence instead of letting it grow larger.

    As a matter of fact, safety, security and protection of our family is always on our priority, therefore, we should pre-empt instead of showing any indifference concerning the said issue.

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    We are in the habit of neglecting the minor issues since we think it may not create any problem because the same being the minor one. This may not hold true always and many a time problems originate from this minor point and hence it is better to plug the original cause instatenously.
    In fact, safety, protection and security are our overriding priorities and we cannot compromise on these aspects in relation to our family issues.

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    Yes, we need to keep the windows closed to avoid dust as well as rainwater. If we keep open the window when it's raining there is a high chance of rainwater coming inside. To avoid that we should keep the windows closed when it is raining towards the inside direction of the window. Though there is less chance of somebody, I mean a human being, coming inside through a window, we should remain alert. Being alert is essential whether it's a small or a big issue. If you start neglecting small issues in the beginning, that small issue can turn into a complex one to give us enough trouble. Be alert and play it safe.

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