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    Teacher's contribution should be appreciable by the society

    Now a days teachers providing online classes to the students as this is the only way to keep them connect with their study. But some parents are not appreciating this contribution of teachers They have thought that when the child is not going to school, why should we pay the fees?

    This has become a big problem, due to this the school management is also not giving salary to teachers. Teachers have to repeatedly requesting for fees to the parents. Some parents could be helpless we understand that because many jobs are suffering due to corona but there are may who are able to give but they thought will pay only when my child will go to the school.

    A teacher plays a very important role in our society. Teachers are still doing their job, they are going to school and providing online classes from the school.They are still helping children learn right and plan for the future then why parents not giving them same responses.
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    If the Kids are attending online classes, definitely parents should pay the fees. The teachers are spending their time and taking classes online. So management should pay them salaries. If there are no online classes and no schools, the students need not pay the fee.
    Some private schools are conducting online classes just for collecting the fee. That is not correct. How a playschool children can be taught online. One school in Hyderabad wanted to teach the parents of a kid online and they want them to pay the fees. Such things only are making the parents say No to pay the fee.
    Teachers are very important and their role is crucial for the nation-building. The private schools make big profits every year and they pay very less salary to a teacher. Because of the unemployment problem, people are working for less salary. So the management should consider paying salaries to the teachers even though there are no classes. Management can utilise them in some other activity. Otherwise, teachers will have a very tough time.

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    I do agree with the author that the teachers are facing the worst situation for the past five months as salaries are not paid citing the reason of no collection of fees and uncertain future by the school management and at the same time they want the teachers to continue the online classes by coming to the school and do the work. No teacher can dedicate such works with no pay or half pay. Many teachers known to me has left the jobs and chosen alternate way to earn by telling tuition to the students. I think that is better way to earn and make learn her own past students without any hassle.
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    If we do not pay the fees then from where the management would give the teacher's salaries. In absence of fees even the people would suffer because one find day these etchers would leave the present assignment and join some online teaching portal which would take fees for teaching. So, not paying fees is a big mistake that people are doing and they would have to repay more for this blunder and then they would repent for their greedy and irresponsible attitude. Everyone should remember that once some online portals get reputation of good education, there would be rush for them and then they would definitely increase their fees and the same parents would pay there more who are today making some childish excuses for not paying.
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    We are now moving from a physical classroom to online video class but it does not mean that the role of teacher has changed. We must give the respect and due weightage for the teacher's work. They only make the careers of the students. Society must take care of the teachers.
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