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    Why mothers prefer to see their children as Lord Krishna ?

    Today being Janmashtami the mothers were seen decorating their small children look like Lord Krishna during his childhood. There is virtual competition among the parents to dress the child with modern jewels, good dressing sense and above all looking nearly as Krishna. Some parents taken pain to bring the important acts of Krishna and made their children to act accordingly and even sent the videos to television for telecasting. It is good feeling to see small children aping to be Lord Krishna and stealing the butter which is mostly liked.
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    Happy Janamashtami Sir,
    In my area Janamashtami will be celebrated tomorrow on 12th August. I think Lord Krishna is Venerable as in cutest and notorious child. When we watches Krishna related serials or when we read stories about the Lord Krishna we find many notorious incidence done by Krishna at the same time learns many lessons also from these stories so it could be a reason every mother wants his son looks like Krishna, by the way I think Indian mothers wants Lord Krishna and Lord Ram both in their son, when he is a child they feel for him like Krishna and when he will be a man they expecting him to behave like Shri Ram. One more reason is that to dressed their son as Lord Krishna is school and society function. Many schools and societies celebrate Janmashtmi as a festival and this is the one of common theme for the day to be best Krishna.

    Swati Sharma

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    Among the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, no one is seen as a child except Krishna. He is also known as Kannan. There was no baby Shiva, baby Vishnu or baby Brahma, baby Ganabathy or baby Murugan or Subrahmanyan. In our life, we have seen Gods as men and women only. Therefore baby Krishna or Kannan has the importance of child God. Every family feels proud of having a Chinna Kannan at their home. If not a male baby, they would decorate their female baby as Krishna. Even Ram was not seen as a baby Ram. No God played their childhood well like baby Krishna.

    I too remember the days when I was four or five and my mother(who is no more) decorated and beautified me like Krishna with all her ornaments. I had long hair to make a bun on top like Krishna.

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    I wish all the members of ISC a happy Janmasthami.
    This is a special festival in many parts of both the Telugu States and people offer prayers to Lord Krishna. Milk and curd will be offered to him as prasad. On the day of Janmashtami, a pot filled with curd is placed at a height of around 30 feet from the ground. A group of young boys will stand like a pyramid and attempt to break that earthen pot. This is a special attraction in many villages of Andhra Pradesh. Small Kids will be dressed like Krishna and Radha and enjoy while they dance or sing. Many photos and videos will be taken and shared among the WhatsApp groups.
    Today my daughter in law dress my two granddaughters as Radha and Krishna. We have spend 1 hour with them in that dress. Both looked cute. The photos taken were shared as my status photographs today in WhatsApp. In this Pandemic situation, these some relaxations for the mind to get fresh and we will fell happy.

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    Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all. Children are addressed as god up to the age of ten as they don't know what is good or bad, they do not give evil thoughts in their mind, they always speak the truth.

    As Lord Krishna children at a tender age are pranky and elders are able to connect to his life history. Hence people love to dress their children and feel the presence of Lord Krishna through their child's face.

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    In Bhagavatham, the child hood plays and naughty, funny actions, even killing Asuras have been explained well. Though there was huge complaints on Sri Krishna at Nandagopan's village to Yasodha, the mother yasodha heard all such complaints with smile and enjoyed his activities. It exposes the motherhood in her. Similarly normal mothers will enjoy the actions of children and real mother will never got angry on the children. We can see some picture yasodha drive Krishna with a stick but in that picture too we can see the smiling face of Yasodha, Lord Krishna is the role model for playing children so the mothers are seeing Krishna in their children. Normally we call children as 'Kanna' irrespective of gender.

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