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    Bird watching helps to relax during tough times!

    A recent study says people connect with nature through birding. During this pandemic, there are new followers attracted to bird watching and enjoyed the beauties and bounties of nature. This recalls me the viewership in her Instagram my daughter received when she uploaded the video of a parrot cracking Guava fruit from the terrace and it slowly jumped down and flew away. We all enjoyed the scene.

    Whatever it may be, watching birds plays a vital role in lowering down stress and anxiety levels in a person and the man gets relaxed. So, for this you need not go to forests. Being surrounded by trees and shrubs with birds chirping, it relieves your anxiety or stress. 'A sound health in a sound body' can also be achieved of being who were able to see birds, shrubs and trees around the home, irrespective you have a urban or suburban neighborhood.

    Bird watching helps to relax during tough times! - Do you agree?
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    Nature has been with us in the past, in the presence and in future also but we never had the time to appreciate and enjoy it. And coming to the bird watching unfortunately most of the urban homes are in concrete jungles where birds cannot come nor we can watch it. But we have the home amid greenery and there is a mango tree, guava tree and other plants which the birds feel at home and even go for building the nest. We prefer not to disturb their tranquilly nor tried to take snaps. However we quietly enjoy the chirping sounds of the birds which were enchanting in the mornings.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    When the world was creating its natural resources it creates humans animals birds trees rivers many natural things and all these think are related to each other either directly or indirectly. I remembered when I was in collage I used to go Narmada ghat and there I feel like too close to the nature and all of sudden feels relaxed no stress is there in life, many birds also flying over there so as much we close to the nature we feel better and better. As I mentioned one of my forum my experience with birds, I met them each morning on my terrace and they just made my day by their voice.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Watching nature and spending our time with trees, plains, mountain and yes beautiful birds too gives soothing effect.

    I live in a small town, so watching birds and all that is not a matter of longing for watching the beautiful birds. Just take a walk more or less one kilometre and you are out of the town and find yourself in vast open fields, pastures, orchards, greenery and in other direction of town is desert. Palm trees. Shrubs etc. Wolf, fox, deer, stag, neelgai and other wild animals can be seen in the jungle easily.

    Staying with nature always make us feel good. We have a high hill in the mid of the town. People go in morning and evening there. It's a picnic spot for local residents. But in cities people are away from nature. They see only concrete jungle. I feel lucky that I live close to nature.

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    You are right. It is nice to watch birds flying in the sky, birds chirping in the morning and evening. Unfortunately, these days, we are seeing only accidents like heavy floods, landslides, air crashes, virus fear. Where to go and watch the birds. We all are immobile due to Corona the devil roaming around the streets. Nature is also under lockdown.
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    True. yesterday evening some drizzling was ther. I was sitting in the balcony and just watching some video on my cell. Two birds arrived there roaming on the ground here and there and trying to pick up something from the ground. I got attracted to those two birds and started watching. Meanwhile, my wife came there with my granddaughter. They also started seeing the birds and we almost spent 30 minutes there. We have no other thoughts on our mind and we both got completely relaxed. My granddaughter had all the smiles on her face. My wife took a small video also and shared in our WhatsApp groups.
    I used to visit the SHAR Centre, Sullurpet on official duty many times. Just before the SHAR Centre, Pulicat Lake is situated. In this like we will see many good birds and whenever I go there I used to spend some time there and see those birds.

    always confident

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    I love to watch the parrots which usually come in groups to the peepal tree. Besides this, the birds which chirp early in the morning are so melodious to listen to.

    There are birds with different colours and with variation in the size of their beaks. The tiny birds similar to sparrow are very lively to gaze through.

    These days their get enough grains from the farmers lying on either side of the roads hence are easily visible early in the mornings. I really enjoyed the birds which shred the water from their wings after getting drenched in rain.

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    Bird watching is a nice hobby and even occasional bird watching has also got its own charm. Many people have a hobby of watching the migratory birds which come every year to our country and settle near the water bodies and lay their eggs and when the offsprings become young they take them back to their own habitat. The whole cycle is a very thrilling experience and how these birds travel from such big distances and come to almost same area year by year is a matter of great study and observation. There are some bird watching groups which do this as a group activity of its own kind.
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    Not only during tough times, but such videos also help us to relax every time we watch them. We are a part of the ecosystem and an integral part of nature. We remain inside our house or remain busy outside and do not find enough time to look at the beauties of nature. We remain unassociated with nature though it is very important to remain in touch with nature. By seeing such natural things like birds and animals interacting between them or with nature, we try to connect ourselves with the natural ways of animal behaviour. We remain mostly surrounded by artificial things and when we get a chance to view the interaction of various creatures with nature we enjoy it and feel relaxed.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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