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    Forgiveness is the best quality

    I was watching a YouTube vedio of a lecture of an American televengalist who was speaking on the topic of forgiveness. It was an amazing lecture. I don't remember his name now but his simple message is still in my mind. He said that- all of us sooner or later hurt each other. It is very much possible that you might have hurt someone on any occasion, if having realized your mistake you've approached him to ask for apology quite candidly with true repentance, it proves that you are not only a righteous person but also a happy person because forgiving each other brings happiness and divine glory for both of them. Suppose if someone has ever hurt you but he never feels sorry for hurting you and this is why you are still angry with him and you have severed ties with him, then how long you will keep this grudge for him in your heart. It's better for you to forgive him voluntarily. Life is too short to live with ill feelings for others.
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    True. Forgiveness is a very good trait. If somebody does a mistake and you suffered for that. Sometime you will have that feeling. If the other person comes and asks for an excuse, you will easily forgive him and you will forget that incident. But without expecting any excuse from the other person if you can forgive him, really you are a saint. A normal man can't forgive others easily. We see rarely very few people of such nature.
    By forgiving others we will also get benefitted. Once we forgive the other person, his acts will be forgotten and they will not be in our mind. So our mind will not have any unnecessary thoughts and we will feel fresh always. So everyone should inculcate the habit of forgiving others.
    But these days there is a change in the thinking of the people if you are forgiving somebody, they are thinking that you are weak and you are not able to face others. The thinking process of the people has become like that these days.

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    Indeed, forgiveness is good trait each one of us must embibe for a better life and it helps in enhancing positivity in life. People are self-centred, egoistic, calm, quiet, violent and various different moods are found in human behaviour which triggers emotional health and disturb the peace of mind. Mental health is equally important compared to physical health. We must not keep any grudges because of conflicts, fights and unwelcome behaviour of violent and unsocial people. Forgiveness helps us to lessen the grief and IMPROVES mental health of human beings.
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    By forgiving the enemy who caused much tension and damage to your personal life, you have thus displayed the great human quality which cannot match even giving lots of donation for a cause. By forgiving, we have given tight slap on the face of the wrong doer and our one act of forgiveness would give him sleepless nights and he will be keeping on wondering about our best quality of life and even be repenting for the damage done and he may approach also to accept with changed character of him. But what I feel that we should go one step further and totally ignore and forget him for the whole life, so that he shall feel the pinch of great mistake he has done and should be alert with others. But this kind of forgiveness is not followed by everyone as we want to take the best vengeance and give the punishment by the evening of the day.
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    Forgiveness is definitely a great trait in our lives as it makes us stress free and more popular in society. Grudge is like an acid that spoils the container more than on whom we want to pour it. However, on a parallel note, many people believe in the doctrine of forgive but forget not. The idea is that one should forgive the other people in spite of their bad deeds or bad behaviours but one should not forget it and if a conducive and opportune time comes then it would be necessary to teach the lessons to the culprit so the act does not end with forgiving as the real action starts after that only.
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    Agreed , when we forgive someone then we actually get remove one of our burden from the life , I still remembered when I was in school and used to argued with some of my friends and while we told something wrong each other then first problem was do no want to accept our mistake and second do not want to forgive easily and the time when we do not want to forgive anyone this time we bother ourselves more then another person.
    But here one more thing which is also important for us , we do not just forgive someone but at the same time we should forget also. Many people I have seen in my life who easily forgive someone but only to show them cool but in actually they do not forget the thing which hearts them so if we pursue this kid of forgiveness then that will not work for long time.

    Swati Sharma

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    I have a contradiction here.

    On an ideal term the forgiveness is a good quality indeed, but does this really works on every & each of the instances that we face on day-to-day basis or do we need to draw a line in between the forgiveness and the state of being foolish?

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    We have been told by our elders that we should forgive those who err. So, we try to follow this policy but sometimes people take advantage of this politeness. Even after forgiving they continue doing wrong deeds and who can tolerate them frequently.
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