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    Be proactive to prevent disruptive behaviour

    Many of you have experienced disruption, while travelling, caused by members of political parties. The disruptions may be in the form of long processions or roadblocks. Not only political parties, but the general public also disrupt the movement of traffic at times with some legitimate demands. I do not know how effective disruptions are as a form of protest but in reality, nobody likes disruptive behaviour. Disruption is not limited to the movement of traffic and can occur in various situations, even in the workplace. You may find many such disruptions take place because of the inaction of the persons in charge to manage a particular affair. If they remain proactive, they can monitor the situation beforehand rather than responding to it after it has happened. One such example may be the disruptive behaviour of the public at a shop in a market place because of the selling of adulterated items. If the authorities proactively monitor the quality of the items at each shop, the adulteration can be easily checked and they need not raid each shop to check the items they are selling. Being proactive, ultimately will not encourage people to engage in disruptive tactics.
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    It has become habitual for some people to disrupt others through their pranks. Some people have the habit of displaying the vital documents and when there is a need we have to struggle because of their actions.

    When dealing with such people in our daily life we waste most of our valuable time and energy. We can not concentrate on the work on hand.

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    In India there are youth who are free without any work and the political parties would hire them to create snarls and commotion and the common people are the worst affected. In Hyderabad there is place called RTC cross road and Indira park wherein the protests and close down is happening many a time and the people passing through the area are subjected to bad experience and late to office. Invariably the youth has been induced from behind to do the damage, and the youth for accepting pittance of money indulge in rampage and causing damage to public properties. In this regard I would appreciate UP Govt which has charged and recovered amount from those organization and Individuals who were part of mass rampage and they identified the culprits and made them accountable. Same should be followed every time.
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    Proactive behavior is anticipatory, self-oriented concerning eliminating any detrimental or challenging situation expected or inevitable in future or occurs in present instead of waiting for it to happen and showing any kind of reaction on it. Proactive people even don't require any guidelines from any other person to act in a right direction, rather they are capable enough to give positive results.

    If we are really proactive as the author expects everyone to be, then undoubtedly many problems will not emanate which might cause any trouble and most probably social-menace as a whole will be fixed up.

    I strongly endorse author's views about ill activity of adulteration, especially. in different food items which is a serious problem directly affecting our health and children's health. But these culprits are escaped from punishment due to vast scope of corruption on different levels.

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    Proactive behaviour is always good. If we can anticipate what is going to happen and we take a corrective step before itself we can avoid any disruption. If we know that there is a procession in a particular street, we will avoid that street and go in a different route so that we will not lose time. If all the people are honest and don't go for any unethical works, chances for disruption will be less. If the seller thinks that adulteration is illegal and if he avoids that there is no chance for disruption by the public and even officers need not go and check for any adulteration. But in a democratic country in India, there will be problems always and political people try to take the advantage and provocate people, Such people start some agitation and the politician will come into the limelight. That is how these disruptions are happening in India and the public will be the sufferers. Some business people also resort to some unethical activities to get higher profits and those activities also can cause disruptions. The authorities will also go with the business people and try to get benefitted and again the public is the loser.
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    There are some people who are proactive and act as per their foresight. They know that such and such problem may arise and then they have to take a preparatory action to stop those things happening but everyone in this world is not proactive and only rises to the situation when it unfolds in front of us.
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    Proactive means we have to take the action for stopping or avoiding something before that thing happens. This require a great team work and good governance. In some countries the Govt detective network is very advanced and they are able to check some of the unfortunate incidents based on their information and deep digging of information into the criminal world. Citizen have not much role in this as they cannot confront the local bad elements.
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