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    Chopped off tree regained life

    As I was out of my house for a long time, passing through the roads filled with greenery on either side felt my travel a pleasure. Through my travel, I spotted a huge tree cut off at the base without having any connectivity to the soil at all. To my disguise, the tree had some tender leaves at the topmost branches.

    Isn't it a surprise. We stood there for some time to make a quick research. Finally arrived at a conclusion too. A small root which had stuck deep into the soil managed to give life to the tree with fresh green leaves. So, is our life which is chopped off fully from the mother earth but still, we are in a hope that the ray from of life just like the single root can give us a regained life too.

    What is your opinion on this scenario in connection with our lives?
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    The chopped but re-grown tree gives a strong and relevant message. The message can be interpreted in many ways as perour knowleddge, attitude and experience.

    1. As far as one is connected to one's roots even by a weak link, he can regain his lost glory , wealth and fame. Hence, always keep connected to one's roots.

    2. As far as we have the will, we can regain our life in any adverse circumstances.

    3. Adversities can chop off our wings and drop us down, but our srong will can make us regrow again from scratch and fly again.

    4. And lastly as I quoted in some earlier threads (quoting a Malayalam poem line) ,Even if the sun's flame goes off one day, human ingenuity will make up a new flame by blowing on the dying emebers.

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    This is the nature and it can survive even at the hardest times and we must learn from the nature that anything is possible for our goodness in near future and we should not leave hopes. The way the chopped off tree could regain the life with a single root hidden in the soil, likewise there would be hidden chance for us waiting at the threshold of our lives and we have to wait for the right time to strike the deal. Like the tree was chopped off by human beings to make way for development, the same way the present challenging situation has taken away all our might and trust, but a little hope of everything changing to normalcy is expected sooner or later. Like the tree regaining the importance of survival without knowing to the chopped persons, we would also bounce back into our lives, without even sensing the good days ahead.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A little hope could be a big source to live our life. we live our life in different ways as per our values which we gain from elders and from society but at the end of its up to us only how do we want to live but we all would be happy when there would be hopes in our life, we should always keep hope for a happy life with a positive attitude if we want to live then a single hope give us all needful things just like the small root gives the tree.
    One more thing is that we always be connected with our root otherwise we will not be as strong as we are now, our life connected with many people and all are playing i important role in our success and our family is our root.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    An excellent philosophical message from Sharada. The single root of the tree that helped the tree to grow is the hope of a person in life that makes him grow. Therefore what is essential in life is root-like hope ( Self-confidence).
    No life without Sun

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    Whatever may be the size of the tree, the root connecting the soil is the main point. Otherwise, there is no chance for the tree to survive. That small connection has given life to that tree. Similarly, a person may be very big and maybe having huge money but he should stay connected to the ground. Otherwise, he can fell down any moment. That is why people a person should be always down to earth.
    The food that is coming from earth is only giving you the required energy. The tree is able to start leafing only because of the small root that is connected to the ground. So we all should understand the importance of mother earth and we should not abuse the same for our selfish activities. If we understand the importance of nature we will never abuse the same.
    Another point is that we should be optimistic and try to have small support so that we will be successful in our lives.

    always confident

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    The good message was given by the author. We should not lose hope and should always move ahead in life. There are people who succumb to the difficulties faced in their life they should learn from this chopped tree that despite being cut it did not succumb and try to start a fresh life.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    I appreciate the member's thoughts on hope in life. Well explained and well expressed adding value to my visual experience.
    Lead the leader

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