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    Vaccine, if found, how to reach 130 crore people of India?

    As the world has been keenly poised to develop the best vaccine to combat and get rid of corona virus for sure, there is an apprehension about hijacking the vaccine by the rich and affluent to their own purpose and poor may not get them that easily. We know India is also about to make a break through to develop vaccine sooner or later and the rush to grab them first would be in the minds of many who are close to higher official contacts and companies manufacturing the vaccines. So there must be clear cut policy from the central govt as to how it would manage availability of the vaccine down to the poor.
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    It is good news that a vaccine has been found. Russia has come out with a vaccine, and it has been injected to the daughter of Russian President Putin. The world population is about 700 crores. The Indian vaccine is also getting ready. India has a population of 130+crores. It won't be easy to produce and distribute the vaccine to all at a time. As we have learned to live with Corona for the last seven months, it won't be a problem for us to wait for the next few months to get vaccinated. If the concerned pharmacies spread over the world work for 24x7, we are sure to complete it within next six months(180 days). One crore per day. These vaccines should be made available to the government hospitals, and a team of medical authorities should visit to every nook and corner of India and administer the vaccine. Priority should be given to the oldest and the infants.
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    The only answer to this problem is to increase the production of this vaccine. There are many pharmaceutical companies in India and if licences are given to more companies to manufacture the vaccine, we can expect good quantity of vaccine available in India. The quantity is less and it is a few ml only for an individual. So companies can manufacture by taking the patented composition by paying loyalty to the discoverer and release them in the market. Some rough estimations say the cost may be around Rs.6000/-. Many rich people are ready to get the material and distribute it to the poor. Already Mrs Ambani made an announcement in this connection. So I am thinking there will not be any problem and we can have as many doses as required. The only issue is licensing and the government should take care of that part. Let us hope that the vaccine will be released at the earliest and by this year-end, all of us will get vaccinated so that we can forget about this COVID 19.
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    How to manufacture vaccine in large quantities and how to make it available to a larger part of society is definitely a herculean task but Govt is already considering many options and fast track processes to make it happen.
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    This is not time to make money but to save the lives of people. The government should undertake the production and distribution of vaccine. If required, very minimum nominal cash below rupees 100 can be levied from the public. It should be a service to humanity. The rich and ultra-rich can support the government.
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    The concern is about huge production, distribution, pricing and above all maintaining the inventories of the production is going to be challenging task.
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    It is certainly a commendable performance of Russia to have invented the vaccine in this hours of crisis. It is itself an important milestone but the now the problem lies in its distribution to hugely populated to the tune of 130 crores of population. It is rather an Herculean task to achieve the required doses needed to inject this medicine to each and every one. However, if the formulation is provided to different pharmaceuticals to gear up production, the time can be curtailed considerably. Again the pricing of the dose being quoted Rs 6000/- per dose as of now is not an affordable cost for most of the consumers. This needs to be fixed by the Government in such a way that it does not burden the pockets of the common men. Production, distribution and reaching to the common people will depend upon the functioning of the present Government.

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    It should not be a difficult task if our government plans it thoroughly in a phased manner. All urban areas where Corona played havoc should be given top priority, especially all containment zones present at that time. All unaffected rural areas which forms 80 percent of the population should be kept away from vaccine. On completion of the Urban cities and towns, unaffected rural areas should be considered for administering the vaccine.

    This is absolutely an easy task. Let us not make it complicated with rush and push.

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    There should be proper mechanism of reaching out the vaccine and that should be done through Collectors office and with a inventory tab.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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