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    Excellence is always welcome and here is one example

    Am in the lovely city of Coimbatore: I flew in from Chennai and the Covid negative test results helped me a great deal. When I showed the results, the officials allowed me to go with just a stamp on my left hand. No fuss. And just ten minutes.

    Similarly, the fabulous Annapoorna and Gowrishankar group of Coimbatore city is always a restaurant of choice and the first choice of every citizen of this mini metro city. It is spotlessly clean and a temperature check is compulsory. Everything is served hot on order only. The water is as pure as ever. At just Rs110 for a full meal, the food was just excellent. There are only two allowed in a table. Sometimes a family of three are allowed. But plastic separators are provided in such a way that I never got to see the face of the customer sitting opposite me. And he also went within ten minutes.

    Welcome to this city and to the fabulous restaurant
    During these Covid times, here is one place to ear and feel safe, if you would come to this city for any business.
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    Mr. AB Shivkumar,
    Your view is restricted to Coimbatore only. Whereas there are many such hotels in India where such arrangements exist due to COVID-19. The number would be more to count. I am in Bengaluru, and I could see many small hotels following the social distancing.

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    In Hyderabad also many restaurants are opened and they are following all the safety norms and serving a portion of very clean and tasty food. Use and throw glasses plates are only used. No suppliers. We can directly pick up from the serving window to avoid multiple persons handling the same. All the cooks are having headgears, masks and hand gloves. Water can also be directly collected from the cooler.
    But many people are not preferring outside food and the number of guests is very less to the restaurants. Still, people are not confident and trying to avoid going out. Even they go out also food is being carried from the house only. I think we may see the same conditions in all the cities and towns until the end of this year.
    As mentioned by the author, if somebody is doing an excellent work we should appreciate and encourage them for further better performance.

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    The author seems to be exited over the new normal situation to which every city has been adjusted and treating the customers with great care. Yes everyone has been missing the taste of hotel food and the famed restaurants in Hyderabad and Secunderabad were first encouraging only parcel services as food and later when the situation got improved with customers adhering to the rules of the hotels, some big hotels are taking high end cleanliness and hygiene to which the Hyderabadis are cooperating. However still there is a fear among the public and they are not taking too much risk. One of the famous Biryani restaurant is selling the famed items through packed only and if those who want to party them, they are sending the Handi biryani for the great price and great taste , therefore the hotel business is limping back to normal across the country.
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    It is good to note that some restaurants are keeping so much cleanliness and social distancing in their services and customers would definitely like to go there. Other restaurants should learn from them.
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    The governance from state to state differs and based on that the level of discipline and adherence to rules and regulations also differ. The example of restaurant in Coimbatore is a burning example and we have to learn from these places only.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is appreciated that hotels restaurants are abiding by the rules for the safety of its customers. I feel this is not the right time to move from one place to another unless otherwise need arises. Eating in hotels is just next to a call for a problem which may occur after some days. We cannot easily get away with such thoughts. Anyway, it depends on each individual's choice and urgency too.
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