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    This time the festivities restricted from out side the gate of the temple

    Every year I used to go to the famed Abids ISKCON temple and have the darshan and participate in the proceedings, but this time the temple has put barricade and the devotees had to be satisfied with the darshan from far at least 100 meters from the deities and thus the satisfaction of touching and feeling Lord Krishna placed on the cradle was not possible nor we had the traditional prasad this time. Really this covid has created lots of distance between the God and devotees and I feel dejected for not having the satisfied visit to the temple.
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    I think it has created distance physically between the idol of God in the temple and the people. But now God has become more popular in many houses and everybody is doing chanting and other poojas in the house itself as they can't get those things done at the temples.
    A Telugu TV channel by name Bakthi TV is live telecasting a chanting by a famous person daily in the evening and many people are participating and taking part in that chanting by watching the tv and joining with the person in chanting the slokas. That is how people are spending more time in worshipping God in the house.
    Now all the temples are open for Darshan. But the devotee had to view God from a distance and worship and put the donations in the box and come out. No special poojas or no prasadam in temples and people are following all norms very strictly In temples. I have not visited any temple on Janmasthami Day. We did pooja in our house itself.

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    I think we connected with God by our soul not only by the physical existence. I know the value of our religious feeling for our god and we feel quite better when we go to the temple but at the same time we all are aware with situation we all are facing nowadays so no one should feel bad for it. What if we can not go to the temple or can not give our contribution to the decoration in many festivals but we know that and our God also knows that we all are its children and the God will bless us more when we take care of ourselves. But yes we can go temple by following the rules made by government, keep social distancing and pray for good and healthy time for everyone's life.
    Swati Sharma

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    During Janmashtami, I had been to ISKCON temple at Bangalore before three years. It was a really wonderful occasion to see the crowd and so many varieties of food were put up in the stalls. I managed to relish a few varieties. Now we cannot expect such experiences.

    The Bajans, keerthanas at the temple premises giving a spiritual outlook has lost its lustre.

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