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    Independence Day celebration online: Alumni participated too!

    We Alumni were glad to be the part of the event of 74th Independence Day celebrations at school.

    Principal stood next to the folded Tricolour. In the background played the most popular patriotic song, 'Sara jahan se accha, Hindustan hamara...' He started his speech, "I welcome you all teachers, present day students and above all the Alumni across the world to join us in celebrating the 74th Independence Day. This year due to Corona Pandemic we have got the opportunity to have Alumni all across the world to be a part of this event which is being held online. I greet all of you! This year we are going to celebrate our Independence in a different way. I would like to invite a famous storyteller to share a story with us all. Over to Ms. Rashmi".

    "Greeting to you all on the 74th Independence Day celebrations! I welcome you all to join me in paying homage to the martyrs who laid their lives for the freedom of our nation. It is difficult for us even to believe as to how a person could struggle for a cause knowing that he will not have an opportunity to enjoy it. You all have read, heard and experienced through movies about many freedom fighters. Some of the freedom fighter doesn't have their names in the history. I am talking about a courtesan who was a freedom fighter. Azizun was a singing girl from Kanpur. She was popular amongst the people of that time for her charms. Mohan a freedom fighter scaled her building at night in search for refuge from the British soldiers. She was impressed for his patriotism and eventually fell in love. She offered her services for the plan against the British Empire. A traitor informed this to the British, Mohan got killed but the government could not corroborate evidence against Azizun. She was released. She planned an operation to eliminate the traitor and the officers involved in killing of Mohan. She executed her plan on the eve of Christmas celebrations. She convinced the police officials to permit her to perform at the event, where all the important dignitaries were to come. She along with her other girls during the performance attacked the already marked officers and took her revenge. She was also killed and the government covered the whole story of their defeat by a simple courtesan. Azizun's name could not be heard again but one of the Indian who was part of that party penned her story after independence from where we came to know, how great our females have been in getting India independence. Jai Hind!"

    Principal Sir hoisted the Tricolour. Principal Sir said, "You all will be receiving sweets as we have ordered online delivery to each and every address that we have in our records. Long Live India! Jai Hind!"

    This thread entry to the contest: Independence Day contest - Narrate unique online celebrations by schools and colleges- Updated.
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    Nice write up from the author and this proves that we have to accept the new normal situation of doing everything on line and good that author did participated as the alumni in hoisting the national flag for the 74th Independence day. One thing has to be mentioned here, had the situation was normal, surely we would have forgotten on school and college life, and since we are in stay home stay safe position, we are now exploring the ways and means to explore the past and dig into our missed relations. Surely the pandemic has helped us to reach out to those who were nearly forgotten us and celebrating the events like this would once again strengthen the lost connect of school and college friends who would have forgotten us. Nevertheless we are slowly adjusting to the new normal situation for sure.
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    Good, write up from the author and nice narration. Definitely it will be a pleasure for the old students to take part in any of the important functions of the school. We will get such chances very rarely and the author expressed the happiness very nicely in the write-up. The technology has given all of us a chance to make our selves to participate in the events online.
    On this Sunday we have celebrated Annaprasana function to my second granddaughter. The priest conducted the function on line and all my brothers and sisters viewed the function online through Google meet. Google helped all of us to be in contact.

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    Mohan, thanks for appreciating. I restrained myself from thanking Corona Virus for providing us with this opportunity. The online system would be nice but if it happens in the long run then relations will vanish as they have already reduced due to the coming of the mobile technology.
    Dr. Rao, thank you for appreciating my small effort. Being the Alumni it has become important that we could be the part of the event. These type of social gathering wherein people are placed in different countries online technology is a boon, but when it comes to family functions, I think we should be present physically (not in time of corona pandemic) to keep the strings of relationship intact.

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    A thought-provoking write up and I enjoyed reading it. Though the celebration was online, the storyteller made all the difference. All the online participants attentively heard the story as we used to listen to such stories when we gather to celebrate some occasion. The situation made us celebrate online with the same spirit but with more excitement since we are interacting online with the other participants.

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    It was a good thought to call the college alumni for the Independence day celebration on this pandemic time where it becomes nostalgic to hoist flag, sing National Anthem and view our campus, friends, teachers and others who are spread to different part of theworld. Though the online celebration is not that good but for people working abroad, its a treat to visually be present and take part in thecelebration. Meeting our classmates after a long gap and getting to know about them, interact with our teachers, watch the new generation taking interest and doing much better than us, gives a proud feeling. The writer has also narraed us a story of an unsung hero of the freedom struggle as many such have being a part in the freedom struggle but their names are lost in text or records. All the best for the contest.
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    This is really a good idea to invite the Alumni in an online function that also the 15th August function of a school being organised online. Many students from the same college get opportunities of working in far flung countries and if given an opportunity they would happily join any such function which is being held partly in the school campus and mostly by the students joining it online. The author has presented a good sketch.
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    In the regular situations, not many colleges being forth their alumni members but a few colleges give the initiative to them just like an asset. It was a wonderful experience to read through the write up through alumni.

    Once students move out of the colleges to start their professional life, they may not get an option to turn back but this opportunity gives them a chance to recall their memories as well feel proud to be one among the celebration of 74th Independence day.

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