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    Fasting is related to religion and health

    Most people keep fasting and fasting because they either trust God or they get what they want in their life, or believe more on religion or tradition. There are many reasons for fasting, we cannot say anything about it, mainly because of which fasts are done.

    Most people today are troubled by excessive weight. Unbalanced eating and irregular routines result in increasing body fat, which leads to obesity. It has a very bad effect on our health.

    Fasting is a very effective way to avoid many similar diseases, as well as religious benefits from it.

    But nowadays people keep fasting and have more oily food than necessary and then become more ill, what should be the correct way to keep fast according to all of you and why we should fast.
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    Once in awhile fasting is good for maintaining good health. But in the name of fasting eating too many other unwanted food is never advisable. Once in a week if we stop eating in the evening may give us good health. That is why our elders used to advocate this. But these days people stop eating rice or chapati but eat some other food. It is not a good practice. But staying with an empty stomach for a long time is also a problem and may increase the acidity problem. So eating some good fruits is better on the day of fasting. But we can eat fruits only once on a fasting day. That will give some rest to our digestive system and we will feel relaxed. But fasting is never an answer to obesity. Good eating habits exercise to the body are very important to maintaining a good physique. One should not eat junk food and should not eat oily food. Also, spicy food is to be avoided. Eating vegetables and fruits is good always./
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    Fasting once done in a week is always better, but care has to be taken on that fasting day that some minor amount fruit can be consumed in the interval of 12 hours. It would be better to take a piece of an apple at around 7 am in the morning and again at 5 pm , a little amount of some may be taken to arrest the acid generation because of prolonged fasting. In between one can use lemon water for the effective removal of toxins from our body - system.
    However, we will have to resort to some discipline in relation to intake of food on the rest days. Spicy and oily foods coupled with excess consumption of carbohydrates leads to accumulation of fats and as such this aspect has to taken into account.
    There should be regular monitoring of our consumption followed by regular exercise regimen to keep the body fit.

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