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    How can the problem of floods be solved?

    Do you think local administrative officials can take better and more effective steps to prevent floods during heavy rains? Share your suggestions that could help towards preventive measures before the onset of the monsoon that creates havoc annually in different regions of India.

    Every year the monsoon brings heavy rain in large parts of India and a big quantity of this rain water drains into rivers and the continuous drainage of water causes water overflow in rivers which causes floods. Every year we see that many villages and cities face big problems due to floods. Water inundated everywhere causes heavy loss of crops, properties of people, especially, and muddy homes are destroyed. Many domestic animals and people also die.

    I don't know if any preemptive steps by the local administration are taken prior to the flood. I don't think that evacuation of people from flood-affected areas, and arrangement of temporary shelters with food can be considered as satisfactory steps of the local administration or an announcement of a relief fund for the affected people is sufficient. We need to have solid policies and planning to cope with natural calamities.

    I think if all the rivers are interlinked then this problem can be solved because many small rivers have dried up because of construction of dams. All extra quantity of water will flow into all small rivers which are connected to main rivers. In this way, hopefully, chances of floods will be reduced.

    What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem? Please share views.
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    Thousands of lakes and ponds have been encroached and have been converted as accommodation. If we can get back all the lakes and ponds, we can put an end to this man created flooding problems. Secondly, there should be more and more dams to store water. And channels should be constructed for the excess water to reach the sea under strict water control.

    People staying near the river banks should be made to vacate and settle in a safe location. Government should provide them alternative lands and ensure none stays in the flood prone areas.

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    Our Ex-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was always mentioning about the interlinking of different rivers in India. Now when floods are there a lot of water is flowing into the sea and during summer many times in many places we have a water problem. If we can link the rivers across the country water can flow evenly and the chances of floods will come down. The quantity of water getting into the sea will also comedown.
    The local authorities should plan and maintain the shores of the lakes and ponds properly so that will not cut into the shores. They should have a good idea of releasing the water when required and plan them properly. Another problem these days we are seeing is the encroachment. The ponds are closed and building are being constructed on them. This is making the storage capacity also less. Better planning for a proper distribution arrangement is required and is to be monitored properly by the local authorities may improve the system better.

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    The author has raised a very important and burning issue as year after year our people in flood prone area are suffering a lot and so far no concrete step has been taken by the Govt and even if taken it could not be implemented down the line due to various reasons and bottlenecks in our system. Anyway if there is a will there is a way and there are many things that can be done to resolve this issue of great concern. Interlinking of rivers would definitely help though that is the massive and gigantic project. Digging more number of ponds and reservoirs is something that is to be taken on priority. Making canals for water irrigation would also help in local areas. One thing is making of new dams in some areas which would be of immense help. Though the environment protection groups are always against it but I think there is a big need of dams in our country as it would serve so many purposes.
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    The author has raised an important thread which needs to be discussed and even can be pinned as group discussion. As far as my views are concerned, every govt at central and state level failed to take up the nature's warning every year that the rain water, or the flood water need to be flown its way and by encroaching or shrinking the lakes and rivers we are shortening the path of the flowing water and thus the rain water converts into floods and cause damage to the cities and town causing loss of properties and lives. The best way to stop the flooding is to create branch ways for the water to flow to other parched area which are fighting for water every year. This way many rivers can be developed into tributaries and diverted to areas so that water can be available for drinking and irrigation,
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    @SuN: Evacuation of people is a good suggestion but transferring their land, religious places, properties, business establishments, educational institutions etc will not be an easy task because many of big old cities are located at or near the bank of rivers.
    @Dr Rao: Thanks for sharing views of late PM.
    @Umesh: Agree. We need radical changes in system
    @K. Mohan: Agree

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    Reservoirs should be constructed by making check-dams at different places on the rivers, tributaries and drains so that rainwater can be effectively stopped in the catchment areas of the rivers. The reservoirs built at various places will continue to replenish the ground water sources of that area, so that the ground water level of that area will not go down.Using images and other parameters obtained from satellites, warning can be given about heavy rainfall and flooding in a particular area from long ago.
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    @Swati Sharma:

    When it starts raining large part of water drains into ground which increases the level of water. Lakes and ponds also take water and help in controlling floods but as @SuN has highlighted this issue that many lakes and ponds have already been changed into residential areas.

    You have emphasised on construction of check-dams. In normal days check-dams can reduce the flow of water, can remove silt or garbage and can stop erosion as well but floods is a huge natural calamity which has enormous force in its flow of water, even strong dams can't stop floods for a long time how check-dams can stay before velocity and force of floods.

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    Flood has been a menace to most of the people since in the absence of any administrative mechanism to contain the intensity of the flood, its ugly face is not likely to be changed for the better. This needs to controlled from the local body since local authorities are aware of the ways how this gigantic menace can be handled with the proper diversion of water with the arrangement of ponds where the surplus water can be stored. Encroachment of the areas has led to disruption of free flow of water during rainy season. If the Encroachment issue is handled effectively by the local bodies. It will provide us very effective solution.

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