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    Hand sanitizers are our need but only a business for others.

    The whole world is troubled by the outbreak of the corona virus epidemic. Presently, to prevent this disease, washing hands with soap frequently or cleansing hands with alcoholic sanitizer is being suggested repeatedly by experts.

    There are many sanitizers from all over the world in the market and people do not understand which sanitizer should use. The expert says, select the same hand sanitizer that contains 60 percent alcohol.

    But in this period of epidemic, many people are doing the work of making fake sanitizers without any fear. How do the public know whether the sanitizer is real or fake. Even in today's era of epidemic people are increasing their business.

    Members please share your opinions.
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    People are being fooled by the medical community to improve the sale of sanitizers. In fact, there is no need for a sanitizer. Just the ordinary toilet soap or detergent will solve the purpose. Before leaving home, simply apply coconut oil on your palms. That would help us to avoid the virus. After reaching home wash your hands with ordinary soap or detergent.
    Follow my advice sincerely. Don't waste your hard-earned money in fake hand sanitizers.

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    It is true that there are many such dishonest businessmen who try to gain in the hour of crisis. They hoard items or produce fake items just to earn some quick bucks disregarding the harm they are doing to the public in general. The recommendation is to use a Hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% of Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol. I would always suggest to go for a branded one and not to purchase a cheap variety. The cost of the branded ones may be little more but it is worthy to purchase those sanitizers. Poor quality hand sanitizers can contain Methanol which is quite toxic to our skin. The best practice is to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and when soap and water are not available then only go for Hand Sanitizers.

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    These days some people are leaving minimum business ethics and trying to make money when there is a chance. They never think whether their act is correct or not also.
    In a hospital in Vijayawada, a lady pretended as a nurse and started steeling the cell phones and other belongings of the patients in a COVID wing. Slowly people started doubting her and she vanished. Police are on the search for her. This incident will tell us the mentality of the people and they never hesitate to encash the situation.
    Sanitizers are coming from some standard companies and they are reliable. we should purchase those companies only. But we should not go for local brands which may cost less. Using sanitiser should be minimised. It is better to use hand wash. Please remember that after using sanitizers one should go near to fire. Ladies working in the Kitchen should remember this.

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    If we see sanitizers and other medical items from the business point of view then there is definitely a monetary benefit for the company. In the same way, patients take medicine from different companies and there is also business involved. But if we only look at it from the business point then our health may be affected.
    Sanitizer is an essential hand rub to protect oneself from the risk of COVID infection. Though there is a business part of it, health comes first. We can't wait to buy medicine for a patient only because it is the business of some company. Therefore, the business part is always there but then there they give us to cure and protection.
    Use sanitizer to wash your hands, take all other precautions and stay safe from COVID 19.

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    In India it is always the habit for the wrong doers to make money when the situation is alarming and when the people are at their worst possible fear, the gullible people would make money through their bad ways. What the author said is right, while we want the sanitizers for sure, but who can authenticate the best quality and not the worst one. While the branded sanitizers are available at high cost which the normal person cannot afford, he zeroes on what ever spurious makes available. But more problem is being faced these days. Those who cannot afford for liquor, are taking to sanitizers as drink and risking their lives. Some deaths already occurred in AP and this is the new case of worries. However we should also start using Dettol which is known for weeding out germs and that brand is time tested.
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    In this situation what one can do is buy some branded or reputed company product after checking the seal etc. If the product is fake or bad at least we can complain in the company portal also so that they can take some action at higher levels. Another thing which citizens should do is to make police complaint or complain to Covid monitoring cell in the town municipality so that they can nab the culprits. If all of us take such cares then these dishonest elements would escape from the scene. There are always some people who take advantage of calamity situations.
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