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    To be or not to be your own boss!

    During this pandemic, this is not a new job offer. Though you will find many advertisements prompting you to be self-employed by being your own boss. What it means is to manage your own organization/company without seeking employment in others' companies. It's good as long as you can manage things, but to do it effectively in the long run, you need to be a leader. You need to concentrate on how to progress further and not to concentrate on just maintaining a protocol. Your leadership qualities will help to motivate others and influence them in such a way so that either they can become your prospective customers or join you as a helping hand. Being a boss is much associated to look into processes which is right and which is wrong that is suitable for an organization to verify whether the job is done according to the protocol. I feel that is hardly related to thinking in an innovative way. So, I would say lead yourself to your goal rather than adhering to the prevailing set of rules about success. If you are stuck somewhere, find a way out rather than blaming yourself about why you took the decision. Members, what do you say?
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    For many who have been habituated for having worked under some one or organization, cannot adjust to the new normal situation of being own boss. Why because we neither have the expertise nor experience in running own business and there is no guaranteed existence of good business in present and future. Moreover what kind of business has to be done is the main cause of worry, and who are the target customers is the second case of worry. Though earning too much may not be our initial thoughts or goals, but how to begin and started is the great challenge to everyone. And those who have the knack of doing own business through the help of family members and friends are the winners these days as they can sell anything or everything not feeling shy and have lots of guts to convince to their products.
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    A boss is always more responsible than the other. As an individual, we can think about our performance and we will be happy if we do our work in the way it is expected. But a boss is responsible for obtaining work from his subordinate. Any mistake by the subordinates will make the boss also fail. So it is not easy to be a boss. It requires a lot of patience and also should have a good knowledge of management. Dealing with different people and extracting work from them is the main job of a boss. If we just switch on a machine will start working. But it is not the case with humans. It requires a lot of skills and patience.
    So becoming your own boss by starting your own business is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and patience. At the same time, we have to be good leaders so that we can lead our people from the front. Sometime we may have to face failures and should stay strong to see that we will continue our efforts in turbulent times also.

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    In a one man organisation, such situation emerges and one finds oneself as boss of oneself. This is a tricky situation as the boss can always take some laxity and when one takes that in such a unique situation then contradiction arises. The reason is that if the boss takes laxity the organisation suffers and then the boss is only harmed as there is no employee below to be fired or punished. So in one man organisation the responsibility of a person is simply doubled as he has to function like a boss as well as employee. It is interesting to observe these things when one works under such a peculiar condition.
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