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    Be the disciple of discipline

    I was in search of a book at the library related to an author whose books were quite huge in number but the librarian suggested that it has been misplaced by someone who used it earlier.

    This happens in our regular life too. Every day we notice that some of our precious time is lost in searching and discussing it, creating unnecessary arguments leading to misunderstanding. If we get disciplined to maintain a particular place for the vital documents, keys, mobiles, spectacles, photos, bank and assets related papers, insurance policies, marks cards and so on in their right place known all the family members.

    We can rank ourselves as disciplined persons or can say that we are the disciples of discipline. Your opinions are welcome in adding to the list.
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    First of all accept my greetings for creating wonderful heading which would bring more members to respond. The author rightly said that we should be disciple of discipline because when the things are not orderly placed, we cannot find them nor others would have access to it. The author has rightly pointed out that in library when the books are placed in the wrong shelves, it is difficult to retrieve the right author book unless and until the whole library is stock taken for the books available. In the life too we are some time very casual and misplace the things. Only yesterday I was having common cold and the Himalaya roll on was misplaced from the place it ought to be. Now the medicine is not available and it was night so I had to suffer from the cold whole night. This is the personal example I had faced and testifies what the author says.
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    It is said that more time goes in searching data than using it. We have a tendency of keeping things in a disorderly way and then we only suffer because of that habit. Discipline is a very vital and important thing in our lives and many people observe discipline in their lives and are highly benefited. Life without discipline might appear as a care free one but in a longer time adherence to discipline pays nicely in our lives.
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    It is best to be a disciple of discipline because we observe a lot of indiscipline all around us. I think it depends a lot on how a person is brought up. The importance of discipline and keeping things at the destined place must be taught to children at a very early age. Kids learn by observing and copying their parents and also from people with whom they spend a significant amount of time. If the children see others not caring much about it and keeping things here and there they will start thinking it is something usual. They will continue doing so after growing up and it would be difficult to change this habit. We must make them aware and most importantly set an example to the children by being disciplined. This can make a big difference.

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    Discipline is very important in every walk of our life and that will make us perfect citizens of the nation. If we have the discipline we can do many things and we will not lose time in wasteful acts. If we have the habit noting the down the points that are to be taken care of by us as a part of our duty. we may not miss some of the activities and we can complete them on time. Similarly, if we earmark a place for each item and if you keep it back in the same place after our usage, we will not waste time in searching that item. These days in the house many members keep their mobile somewhere and forget. When they want it, they have to lose a lot of time in searching the same. Finally, they will ask somebody to give a ring and try to locate the same. By any chance, if the phone is in silent mode, they can't find then also.
    Ladies will have this discipline better than gents. If you see the kitchen, all the items will be in a fixed place and they can easily trace the item they wanted as they use it regularly and they keep the item in the same place after using the item.

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    It is very important for everyone to live the right way or live a happy life and it is possible only when we maintain a discipline on it.Discipline has special importance in our life. All nature is form in a discipline so there is no barriers in any of its activities. It comes regularly day and night so it is clear that the life can be made meaningful by the discipline. It is the key of success, Discipline has different meaning for all people like for students it mean reading with concentration, follow time table , completing their task etc but for a working person it could be get up on time, timely reach to office , do work with dedication etc. So overall we can say discipline is a life's important factor which always walk with us and just change its form as per situations.
    Swati Sharma

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    I extend my gratitude towards your appreciation. It is rightly said that environment in which we are born and brought up, the school life, the neighbours, parents, family all these factors add value to the discipline of a person visible in their works. I immensely value the member's thoughts on discipline.
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    The term disciple itself comes from discipline. A disciplined person can only called as a disciple. We should maintain a system in our daily routine as mentioned by the author. My father used to tell us to keep anything in the place where from taken. It should be taken again in even in dark situation without searching. We used to keep our things like that.
    Some houses are meant for example and we should note that and follow in our routine also.
    A friend of mine keeps a bowl on the fridge in their house and all house members should drop the coins in it after coming from office/work/college. On the next day morning they took change for the bus to avoid change problem in bus/market.
    Similarly an auditor friend of us used to keep a pad with some papers and pen tied on the clip near the landline of their house. All family members used to mention where they are going in that paper and strikes out when return as it enables the house persons to answer the callers in their absence.

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