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    Food affects not only our health but behavior also

    In many religious books texts, the emphasis is on making and eating satvik food. According to these texts, the rules related to food can be kept healthy throughout life. Along with this, longevity can also be attained. In Hindu beliefs, it is important to take care of the satvikt of food while eating. Apart from this, good feeling, good atmosphere and posture have also been considered very special. If all the rules of food are kept in mind, then there is no disease and grief in life.
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    Correct, To emphasis this there is a story. A Saint visit one king's courtyard once. The king invites the saint with respective honor and take him to his place. After talking with him, the king asked the saint to take lunch and take rest in his palace. The saint had a habit of not taking food in outside, so he refused. But the king compelled him to take food and rest as he traveled a long distance and seems to be tired. By realizing the king's words, the saint accepted his request. He finished his bath and pooja, took lunch in the palace. He moved to the bed for taking rest and on the way he saw a small bowl which is pleasant to look, he took that and hide in his shawl. He took rest and after waking up he washed his face and start to move from the palace. Then he saw the bowl in his shawl and got puzzled. Immediately he called the king and told that the lunch eaten by him was made of rice received improper way. King initially got angry on his words but by having faith on the saint, he called the cook immediately and enquired about the products he used for the lunch. He, the cook told that the everything used from the collections of palace and rice only used from the unit recovered from a thief stolen from the public. Astonished King, asked the saint how he aware this. Saint told that,' Normally I do not eat any outside, I never intend to have anything for me but today after taking lunch and on the way to my bed, I saw this bowl and without thinking twice, I took this into my shawl. After awakening only I realized this and I start thinking how I developed this stealing intention in me'.

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    The author has rightly pointed out that the food what we take will not only has the say on the health and also our behavioral pattern in the society. Those who take the normal food which has the strength and thinking capacity, they would behave in such manner. What I understand from the many people that those who are eating non vegetarians they get into fighting mode very easily even at the just instigation on any matter and they cannot control the anger. Because by eating the non vegetarian food , they tend to eat the blood of the animal and thus the behavior of the animal is surely seen in the behavior of the persons who eat more non vegetarian food. While you see a sober behavior and a better understanding capacity from a vegetarian eating person, we find the opposite in non vegetarian eating person. Hope the members also agree to my notion.
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    Definitely our food habits will have some say on our behaviour also. People who like spicy food and hot food may be more arrogant than the people who take less spicy food. Our food habits will have a big say on our health. Our health will have a big say on our behaviour. When we are healthy our brain will work effectively and if we are sick we may not be able to think properly and behave properly. So the food we eat will be indirectly deciding our behaviour also. Some foods will increase our thinking power and some may decrease the same. When we eat some foods we will be active and some foods will make us sleepy and inactive.
    If we drink hot tea or coffee we may become more active. If we eat curd we may feel sleepy. Like this our food habits will definitely have some effects on our behaviour.

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