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    13th August - National Organ Donation Day

    Nowadays many people in the world are suffering in many ways due to lack of healthy organ, If someone's liver is bad, one's heart does not work properly. If someone's tissue is damaged, someone's eyesight is gone. In these situation organ donations is the only way to save many lives and this is the reason we celebrate 13th August as National Organ Donation Day.

    Compared to the demand for organs, its supply is very less. Many people do not want their organs removed after the death of their families. People have emotions and they do not want the dead bodies of their family members, should be cut off. There are sometimes religious reasons behind this, but this type of thinking is not right.

    After death, if someone can get a new life from our organs, then there is nothing wrong in this. Our thinking should always be scientific. The percentage of organ donation in India is very low due to misconception. Today, thousands of people die due to lack of organs.
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    My greetings to all those who pledged to donate their organs on the National organ donation day. I must appreciate actress Aishwarya Rai for pledging to donate her eyes with the Prasad Eye labs in Hyderabad few years back. It is very great gesture on the part of forward thinking people to donate their organs for the cause of others and the way the organs are transported and donated to the target patients in time should also be appreciated here. There are people who are eagerly waiting for the voluntary donors of the organs so that their life can be changed at once. My deep gratitude to all those who pledged their organs during their life and after their deaths.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My mother in law decided to donate her eyes and accordingly informed an eye bank and got her name registered her name. She informed the same to my wife and gave the phone number also. Accordingly, immediately after her death, my wife passed on the information to the concerned. But they couldn't come within the prescribed time and her wish of donating her eyes was not fulfilled.
    It is good that even after our death if we can help somebody by donating our organs. We should not see any problem with this. If somebody is ready to do that, relatives and family members of him should not hesitate to see that her wish will be fulfilled.
    If all people come forward to donate the organs to the needy, we will not feel any shortage of these organs to the people who need them.

    always confident

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    Earlier people were much skeptical about donating their body parts after their unforeseen or unexpected death. It was considered as a taboo subject. But lately the awareness has been generated and people happily donate their organs like eyes etc in case they die in some accident or things like that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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