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    A discussion on Left Handy Day - 13th August

    We often noticed that the parents refused their child to work with left hand, they say that the working with left hand is not good, at the same some people says child who used left hand for normal daily works has would be more intelligent then others.

    In Biology it is explained, that The brain is divided into two parts, left and right. In the medical world it is clear that the left brain operates on the right side of the body and the right brain operates the left side of body. This means that in people in which the left part of the brain is more active, the right part of their body would be more active.

    Experts say that this is a common process of the body that depends on genetic, learning theory and brain structure along with some other factors.

    So members lets have a discussion on it as today is Left Handy Day, Why is there a left handy, is it different from being normal ?
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    Happy International Left-Handers Day. The percentage of left-handers are far less. It could be 1/100. Generally, such left-handers are said to be smart and intelligent. It is the habit formed from childhood. Parents teach their wards to use their right hand for eating and writing, and the left hand for washing. If we train them the other way, they would follow it. In my family, there is no left-hander from the last three generations that I know. One of my uncles whose right hand got paralyzed was forced to use his left hand for writing and doing things.
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    First of all accept my best wishes for the happy International left - Handed day. On this occasion I want to share the observation on one video which I saw in the morning. One person who dressed as Lord Krishna has appeared on the main road and started distributing the mask. His appearance of Lord Krishna needs to be appreciated and it seems he is the left handed person and seen giving the masks through his left hand much to the surprise of onlookers and mask receivers. And he gave the masks to those who already have one on their face. What I am trying to insist that there are many left handed persons among our families and in the society, but generally it is not liked by others to get anything through left hand. Even while doing puja to the God the left hand should not be used and the priest would be insisting to the same through right hand.
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    Happy left handers day to all the members of ISC. In Telugu, there is a saying which says that one should not believe the people who work with their left hand. I don't understand the logic in that statement.
    This 13th August was observed as left-handers day for the first time in 1976 by Dean R. Campbell. He was the founder of the Lefthanders International, Inc. The percentage of left-handers is very less in this world. The percentage will be somewhere around 10% only. Another observation made by the surveys is that more men than women are left-handers.
    There are some people who say that left-handers will die earlier than right-handers. There is no scientific evidence for these thoughts and we should consider them as correct.
    There is another belief that left-handers will make great leaders. For this, there are many examples also. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, the past US presidents are left-handers. Former British prime minister David Cameron is also a left-hander, Same is the case with Winston Churchill also.

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