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    There should be some fixed hours for phoning to each other

    Nowadays mobile phone has become very popular and of course it is handy also and we can take it with us from one room to other or terrace or balcony in our house. It has become like a part of our body as it would go wherever we go. We can get a call anytime from our relatives and friends and even from unknown people contacting us from Banks or other institutions. Do you not find it a bit disturbing thing that you are busy in some important work and the phone rings for some insignificant chit-chat. Some people pass their time with chit-chat only and they might be feeling happy when their phone rings. I feel that we should have a fixed time in a day which we should intimate to our friends and relatives that they should phone to us only during that slot until it is something really urgent. I can suggest some slots like 10 AM to 11 AM in the morning or 4 PM to 5 PM in the evening or any other suitable time. Can we do like that? Would it be feasible and will be taken in a good spirit? Please share your views.
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    You cannot recommend a fixed hour to make phone calls. It depends upon the time available to an individual. One individual should understand the other individuals position before making a phone call. If someone calls during a wrong time, we can politely refuse to talk. Else keep your phone off to avoid any such call. Since there is a call identity facility available, we can deny the calls.
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    What I feel that if one is interested in more contacts and wants to have updates from all and insists for more interactions, naturally the incoming and outgoing calls are more. What is more bothering is the video calls being made from groups not having any idea about the other person position and they simply insists to attend. The other day my wife was brushing her teeth and the group call of their sister came to wish her the birthday. Already they spoke at the stroke of midnight and that was incomplete it seems. Though I have been insisting that such calls at odd time need not be given credence and tell them openly, she obliges them then make teasing of her for the bad looks while brushing. These kind of unusual calls should be avoided and let the calls be short and sweet and should not extend to hours and hours.
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    There could not be a fixed time to call a known relative or a person due to the nature of the call. This should be attended to without giving a second thought. Because of the urgent nature of the call, there should not be ignorance on our part.
    The urgent calls might be their plan to meet us on some dates at our residence or any communication regarding the phone no and residence of the clinic of a Physcian for which I had reminded him.To that extent, it is right, but we have seen some parties taking inordinate time in the calls sometimes boring the opposite party. Such a tendency has to be curbed because of twin facts- the first one is adhering to a long time in the mobile invites a health hazards due to emission of radiation and the other one, if we have any appointment with others, it may get affected.

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    It is good if don't disturb other people during busy hours unless otherwise, it is very urgent. Evening times after 7 PM and before 10 PM may be the right time to have a casual talk on the phone. These days when we are busy in some work, the phone will disturb with marketing and promotional calls. If it is important and urgent we can call at any time. When I was working in an organisation we used to call the other colleague in the evenings only as we know they will be busy during working hours.
    We can't tell others to call at a particular time only. If we don't want to receive calls, we can keep our phones in silent and see the missed calls and phone them if it is necessary afterwards when we have time. But when we are in a responsible position we may have to receive calls which are related to our profession, during any time of the day.

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    It is not so simple to fix a time for using mobile because sometimes its our need to take it with us, you are also right at your place that people are taking it everywhere even in the house but at the same time we know this is the best part of it to take it with us anywhere so we would not missed any calls. I think people should not fix a time but fix some other things like do jot use phones while talking with your parents or elders , and do not use it while having food or spending time with your children... apart from that we can decide that will not check phone just after wake up in the morning and do not use it 1 hour before sleep.These things could be possible if we wants. When I walk on the terrace I used to keep my mobile with me because I like to listen music while walking but same time I have activated airplane mode of my mobile so I did not disturbed by anyone. So there are many more ways to avoid phoning it depend on us only.
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