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This thread is the winner of the Independence Day unique online celebration contest
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    Dance competition during 15th August online celebration in school

    As schools were closed due to the pandemic the classes were being conducted in online mode and yesterday only the English teacher had told that this year the 15th August would be celebrated in online mode and everyone was asked to wear the existing school dress and be ready at 11 AM for participating in the video meet. The teacher told that students can participate in delivering a speech or singing a patriotic song or participating in the quiz program or dance for the girls. It was also told that there were many prizes for the winners.

    My cousin's daughter who was in class 12 in Govt Intermediate College, Pithoragarh was much excited by this announcement and registered for the dance competition. She had interest in dance and she was hoping that with little practice in these 2 days she could win the prize. My cousin asked her to seriously do some practice so that her performance would be good. The girl knew 2-3 types of dances and decided to present the break dance in which she had more confidence to perform.

    At 11 AM on 15th August, she was ready and was seated in front of the mobile camera when the link started to work and then the teacher came on the screen. She gave a small speech and then requested the Principal of the school to address the students. Principal had earlier completed the flag hoisting in presence of a few teachers and now was attending online this program. He gave a short speech and praised the students who registered for participation and wished them good luck. The function started with a speech by a student on the importance of 15th August. That followed by 3-4 more speeches by other students and then the announcer thanked the students and requested another teacher to conduct the quiz. There were many questions asked in the quiz one by one and the students whoever answered that were given a score of 1 for right answer and 0 for wrong answer. The quiz ended and it was told that the winners name would be declared later on.

    The teacher then announced for the dance contest. Everyone looked excited and one by one the participating girls started to perform the dance. My cousin's daughter was eagerly waiting for her turn and then she presented her dancing skills which were liked much. After that 2 more girls performed their respective dances.

    The online function ended and then the teacher got the results from the judges who were viewing this program at their houses and declared the names of the winners in each category. My cousin's daughter got second prize in dance competition and was very happy for that. The announcer told that the prized would be sent to the individual in due course of time and thanked everyone for participating in the online 15th August celebration.

    This is my entry for the contest Independence day celebrations - online
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    Though some schools organize only the speech part during the flag hoisting ceremony as it wants it to be simple affair. some schools go far to have a total entertainment for the day to the school students. The same was tested by the author in response to the Independence day celebrations on line write up. The dance competition thought was unique, because it takes lots of pressure and exertion to bring the best form of dance among the participants and the way the students are trained through online video and the way everything has been systematically arranged to be done is something needs to be appreciated without presenting in person.
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    Many schools organise many competitions like elocution. essay writing, singing, drawing. quiz etc. These competitions will be completed before the Independence day and decide on the winners. On 15th August, the prizes for the winners will be distributed. But maybe some schools conduct the programme on the same day also. The technology provided all of us a way to celebrate the events online. These days webinars are more than seminars. The same technology is used and online programs are conducted. My brother's son's marriage was performed recently and no invitees due to COVID 19 restrictions. But the whole proceedings were live-streamed and all the relatives watched the complete event online.
    A good presentation from the author and well-organised function.

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    A good narrative that describes how eager the students are to take part in the online celebration on a special day. Schools organize competitions to mark a special occasion and this time since the educational institutes are closed the schools took the online way to celebrate the 74th Independence Day. The excitement among the students are intact and they happily participated in the events without thinking whether it's online or offline. Technology is so advanced nowadays, that we hardly miss the ambience of offline celebration.

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    Students always look forward to the various contests and competitions organised at the eve of independence day and though this time it was not feasible to hold them in the school in the physical mode so some arrangements were done online for these competitions and the students participated in them right from their houses through video conferencing apps and many such online programs were successfully executed.
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    Students are eager to know the activities to be conducted on 15 th August from the sides of their schools. They remain quite excited with the announcements of programmes. They are well versed in Quiz, Essay writing. Singing, Dancing etc. Some of them are engaged in practice but some of them are overconfident. Unlike other years, this year will be somewhat different in respect of arrangement. Their participation will be on line mode. But that does not dampen their spirits and have shown their excellent performance in the areas of Quitz, Essay - writing, Dance etc. However, one thing was marked, COVID phase has not diminished their excitement in displaying their talents.

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