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    If you cannot do it, don't stop others doing it

    There are few who don't do it, and don't allow others to do it. It is mainly the scientific community who practice this. We are in a pandemic with a fear of losing our lives. While someone is trying hard to invent something to survive, there are few who criticize the invention.

    Why can't they cooperate or keep quiet and appreciate the efforts? Why are they discouraging the scientists who are working hard to find a solution to a problem? Is it the ego between the scientists? Discuss.
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    It is the human tendency to be first among all and in that process if some one breaks the ice, then there would be natural criticism and this is was happening in the case of Russia announcing first vaccine was so shocking to the world as they kept the happenings under the rap, they have not released the clinical cycles of their invention and in one very first move they openly shown the video of Russian chief daughter taking the vaccine shots and thus ended the matter and announced the invention. Normally it takes years and collaboration among the big researchers across the world to develop a vaccine while other countries were telling the world about their step by step progress and even published the papers of their development, Russian has kept all these things in secret and thus there is apprehension between the scientists and researchers.
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    Many people in world did not get what they actually want and they made a mentality , that is not possible by anyone, One of my cousin is started a UPSC classes as she wants to clear the exam but when she tell this then one of my relative advised her don not waste your time in preparation of UPSC , it will take too hard work then again your luck also play an important role and may be you will be selected for the interview then what about the recommendation who will going to recommend you for selection any many more negative thoughts because of his own failure he just made up his mind that this is not our cup of tea but this attitude is absolutely wrong if you can not do anything they does not mean you got the power to stop other to do something, your failure us because of your actions not because of your luck only, so people should criticize to others when they are going to start something new.
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    Mainly nonperformers will be doing this. They can't do. At the same time, they don't want others also to do that as they may get a good name. They will try to see mistakes in others works and try to pull them down. Some people try to find some mistake and try to highlight that so that the enthusiasm of the other person will come down. In Mahabharath Salya the chariot driver of Karna always used to say to Karna that he can't win over Arjuna. This to see that Karna will get demoralised. When we are serious of our work and if we want to complete the same successfully in time we should care for such people and we should get distanced from such people and we should concentrate on our work. We should give a chance to such people to talk to us about our abilities and workmanship. We should pay a deaf ear to their words and proceed to complete our work. Otherwise, we will lose the battle of the way.
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