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    There are performers, appreciators but what about those watching silently?

    When a performance is going on from the learned artists and great performers. the appreciation from the audience is going to happen with clapping, hooting, whistling and above all the standing ovation. But my thoughts are with those who watch the entire proceedings so silently without making any noise, comment or appreciating the event and their silence could be decoded in many ways. Are they trying to find the faults in the performance, are they got floored by the extra ordinary performance, are they simply sitting stay put not to give appreciation because the performance need to be improved ?
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    It depend on person to person as some like to make noise during a performance but some wants to like sit silently.
    I am also one of them who sit silently while watching a performance but yes I always clapped after performance by any performer. I think many people do not like to comment or gives their opinion in the public place or it may be possible they do not have enough information to share with others because when we comment on anyone or any performance we have to prove it. Some people have a neutral attitude and they do not care about the performance they just come and watch it , spend some of their time in the show and just go back to their work.

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    You can interpret the silence in many ways. When we are spellbound with the performance of the artist we may not be able to talk anything. We will be speechless. Sometimes the show is not impressive but we may not be able to say anything about the performance we may keep silent. When we are not happy with the performance, we may keep silent if we are diplomatic. Some people may say openly that the show is not good. So may say still improvement is required. But some people may be silent only.
    Some people will be having the habit of searching for faults and they will highlight those faults. If they are not able to find out the faults, they will not appreciate but keep silent as appreciating somebody is not their nature. So you can take the silence of somebody against your performance any way you like. Sometimes we can understand the thoughts of the other person by observing his feelings.

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    I think they are the serious kind of persons who do not show their sentiments in each and every thing until unless it is very extraordinary presentation. There are many people in the society who have a graceful posture.
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    A silent spectator may be showing or giving different thoughts to the on-lookers. It can be that he/she is spellbound by the performance and is still in shock. It can be that he/she is not liking it at all and finding fault by observing it closely. It can be that he/she liked the performance but does not want to distract the performer by his hooting or clap. It can be that he/she is a reserved person and does not react unless it is required. It can be that he/she is waiting for the performance to end as he/she is enjoying it to the fullest. It can be that he/she is a mentor of the person performing and thus closely observing them know the plus and minus of their performance so that he/she can give a detail of their performance at the end. So the person watching any performance silently can rise many thoughts on the performer but it is good not to get distracted and focus on their performance.
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    I think they are the prudent types who keep their remarks reserved for later times. They do not want to give their views in a hurry or excited ways. So, these people would be basically serious types who do not want to show their feelings to everyone around.
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