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    A Memorable Independence Day at IPBS amid the coronavirus pandemic ( Covid-19 )

    Pune - Today is Saturday 15th August 2020, our 74th Independence Day that we're celebrating during these terrible tough times. The entire celebrations took place online due to circumstances.

    It was commenced by a small speech by the principal lauding the efforts of students and teachers for making the event possible and also a short note on current circumstances and our country's role in the fight against the global pandemic and such disasters. The principal head stressed on the fact that we as a country have seen worst times we must remain together, act together and be together to bring about a collective development in our nation.

    Some interesting events took place thereafter ofcourse in a virtual manner

    1) A small competition was held by all group members of the school which involved writing a poem on how each one of us felt towards our motherland during these tough moments.

    2) Parents and teachers both were invited to create a collective doodle about the most memorable moments they've had with students/kids. Both students and teachers had fun at sharing something special about their experience with kids.

    3) The science camp of our school put together a wonderful display of small drones flying around the empty campus, suddenly pole which had been covered by cloth was pulled down and the national flag hoisted upward by an auto-trigger in the drone. This was an amazing moment, the flag unflured as it reached the top and the national anthem began, we all stood up unconciously mesmerized.

    4) As a parting ceremony few students (with the aid of a virtual platform) each stood in a seperate marked area representing the different cultures and faiths of the country loaded their bows with arrows, a huge effigy made with recycelable balloon emerged from under the podium. The effigy represented the coronavirus, a thousand spores all over it and laughing menancingly. The students shot their arrows that were shaped like syringes with needle like projections. As the balloon burst water sprouted from it on all sides irrigating the flowering plants that were kept below. This symbolized that we shall defeat our collective enemy and use our experience to further nuture our society in a positive manner.

    This act was met with tremendous response and after this the whole screen resounded with collective voice Jai Hind and Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

    The screen went blank thereafter with credits rolling out to the various school faculty teachers and head principal sir and all the students who partcipated in the spectacular virtual event. Lastly the vision of the founder of the school was displayed in the end.

    "Knowledge is the light, the powerof divine. Spread it everywhere in equal measure it's our param kartavya".

    An entry for the independence day contest
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    You have made a good narration regarding the 15th August function which was celebrated online. The contests and competitions organised online by the school authorities are very interesting.

    You have not mentioned at the end of your write up that this is your entry for the online Independence day function celebration. Please add this sentence there or give the link of that contest forum thread there. Go through the contest forum post once again to see the instructions there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author made the nice attempt to narrate the competitions held at the IBPS and that was interesting submission and the ISC should take this content in to the contest.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good way of celebrating independence day online. Conducting good competitions to encourage the students to participate and to make the student realise that celebrating this day is very important even in difficult times like this as this is one of the occasions to remember the great personalities who lost their lives for the sake of independence to the country. The closing of the ceremony is very good and it is wisely told that spreading knowledge is the responsibility of all of us.
    always confident

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    Thanks to all the authors, for reviewing our work.

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