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    A memorable online Independence day celebrations

    A knock on the door made me get up from my seat and open the door. The Head Master of
    Govt High School, Alamuru is standing near the door. His father is my friend and I am an alumnus of that school.
    Due to the pandemic, I was locked down in my native place and I am in touch will all my friends in that area. I invited him inside. "How is your father', I asked him. He said that he is doing alright and came out with the reason of his coming to our house. They are planning to conduct the Independence Day celebrations online. That evening they planned an elocution competition online to some of the students. The school is having 5 classes. From Class VI to Class X. From each class 2 students were selected to participate in the competition and the competition will be on Zoom. 10 participants, 5 teachers and 2 judges will be the participants in the meeting and each student will talk about the subject given for 5 minutes and the best two will be given cash awards. The names will be announced during the flag hoisting function which will be live-streamed. Links will be sent to all the teachers and the prize winners. The Head Master and some teachers will be physically present at the flag hoisting ceremony.
    He invited me to participate in the meeting as a judge and also requested me to attend the flag hoisting ceremony as a special guest. I felt happy as I am an old student of that school and after almost 45 years of my study, I got a chance to attend an important function in the school. I told the Head Master that I will be sponsoring the prizes for that elocution completion. The Headmaster is very happy and told me to be ready by 3 PM in the evening for the meeting and he said that he will be sending the link.
    Even in villages, the technology is becoming very popular and high school students are able to participate in online meetings and competitions. Just I am wondering the way the technology developed and eagerly waiting for the evening programme and see the talent of the students. The meeting started as planned and all the students are ready on time online. They were asked to talk about any leader of freedom fight they like. I appreciate the talent of all the students who talked very fluently and I felt that the schools in villages ate also doing an excellent job. The meeting went off well The Independence Day celebrations this year in my school is going to stay in my memories for long.

    This is my submission for Independence Day contest
    Independence Day contest
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    The author has well presented the 15th August online celebrations and especially the nomination of an old student as the judge is a good concept that the author has used in his write up.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Altogether a different thought from the author and in this challenging period of human existence the author has found fit to have his old friend as the judge of I day event.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It's always a memorable event when a former student of a school gets an opportunity to attend school on a special occasion like Independence Day. The presence may be online but the feeling is nostalgic. The author has described the whole situation from the beginning, when the celebration was planned, to the completion stage in a good way and yes technology made this possible to successfully conduct the event.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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