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    Learning from failures is a skill

    In our lives we come across successes as well as failures. These are the vicissitudes in our journey of life. Failures generally discourage us and there are very few people who learn from their failures because analysing failures and taking corrective measures next time is not an easy task. It requires hard work and patience to go through the entire process and make it fool proof as well as correcting the past errors and rectifying the mistakes done in earlier attempt. In my understanding, learning from failures is an art or skill which many people master and get phenomenal success in their new endeavours. One who does not learn from failures and does not improve one's way of working, would likely to fail in one's attempts. So, wise and prudent would always try to learn from their mistakes and progress ahead in their lives. Members may like to give their opinion on this.
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    Failure is also a part of our success, because it reflects our lack of efforts. We all want to be success in life and we do many efforts for this but the best way should be where efforts are being applied at right direction. Sometime we distract from our real target, our failure make us realized it we need to give some more efforts.
    It is not that we want to be successful once but we want success in every part of our life . Success does not only about money or career but our relation also wants to be successful so the process of failure and success will continue until we are alive. If we are fail then it is not a problem but if we are not learning from your failure then it become a serious problem , so no problem with the failure just learn from it and go ahead.

    Swati Sharma

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    A good person will not ponder over the failures and instead probe the reasons for the failures and learn a stern and acceptable lesson from it and thus gears up for the next attempt to succeed. For example when a person goes for the learning licence for the first time to the RTA office, he must learn the traffic sings and traffic rules and must score at least 70 marks in the online test. But freshers who seek the licence take light of the test and would not learn anything and ultimately get failed in the test. Having learned from the failure they would now watch and understand each and every traffic signs and learn from it for future test.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    People who learn from their mistakes are the ones who take their failures positively and it gives them the opportunity to improve. These improved versions are always better than the previous ones. But this whole process requires courage and confidence to perform the same with the same spirit again.

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    Failure in any attempt is not that much bad provided we have the spirit to learn from such a mistake with the self - analysis and if this part is absent. There is no scope for the further improvement. Failure always provides us the opportunities for better learning of our tasks if we go deeply with the different points where we failed miserably. Frustration, anger, loosing spirit are not the ways to reach the ladder of success. If you cannot come out of the frustration, better read some books of great writers giving you some inputs how best you can perform a given task leading you to succeed ultimately. Strong nerve is always essential to achieve success apart from presence of mind to resolve the obstacles coming in the ways.

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    You cannot enjoy the shade if you have not worked under the sun. Easy wins cannot bring you the joys. Further, such wins will not last for long as well. Rather, if you have crossed the hurdles, fallen and learnt to take the hurdles with positivities and overcome them, you are definitely a mature person who will be able to handle other odds not only in the race being talked, but also in the other races or competitions. So a difficult success where you are actually using your skills to learn from your failures is far better than an easily attained success.

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    Failures are the stepping stones for success. This is what we hear very often. But failures will not contribute anything for your success if we are not learning from those mistakes. Understanding the failures and finding out the reasons for failure are two important things one should do when there we a failure. An analysis of the whole system is what we should do. We should disintegrate the total event into small steps and see where we have done a mistake. So that we will understand what is the correction required and we can do that correction. But do this definitely we should have a very good understanding of the total event.
    Failure analysis is a topic by itself and many companies will have a written down document for this analysis and in case of any failure in the system the whole exercise is to be done as per the document and a paper called failure analysis report for a particular failure is to be submitted to all concerned, That will make the people to understand the failure properly and can come out with possible suggestions.

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    It is true. Actually, many people start thinking in a different way after a failed attempt. Rather than analyzing the reasons behind failure, they remain disheartened and remind themselves that they failed. This ultimately creates a lot of negativity and fail to move forward. Success and failure are part of our lives and if we remain emotional by feeling sad after failure then we won't be able to think rationally about our next course of action. We need to remember that whatever has happened cannot be altered but we can always take remedial actions so that it is not repeated again. If we become hopeless after any failure, we cannot think in a positive way and many negativities surround our mind. We try to find excuses or blame others for our failure. Paying attention to the task on which we failed is necessary and by doing that we can always succeed in the next attempt.

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    Many of us are able to learn from our failures, it is a fact of life. Once we fail then we realise our mistakes and short comings which are required to be taken care in the next attempts. This is an ongoing process.
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    Ramana Pemmaraju once quoted that "Nothing is ever wrong if you learn out of it and nothing is right if it makes you arrogant. Watch On!" It means that when we make a wrong move or poor decision or fail in our work and learn from our past be it our move, decision or work, it is always a way to help us understand that it is not wise and need to be cautious and plan better. As we are ready to learn so also our door to success gets closer. It is not that many have this attribute of learning from failure and they are mainly by people who are born with silver spoon in their mouth but people who have struggled to reach on top will always have an experience that they have learned from every failure they got. I would end the comment by a quote from Sanjeev Himachali, "Criticism is part of learning and growth. It means that you are taking Initiatives to learn something new and grow over from your current state. If you are not getting criticised, it means you are not taking enough risk to learn something new and to grow."
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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