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    Was it correct on the part of netizens to treat the Sadak 2 trailer so badly

    The trailer of Sadak 2 starring Alia Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt was realeased on Wednestday amidst the growing debate on nepotism in the film industry. As the trailer got released, netizens, especially fans of Sushant Singh Rajput, picked up a campaign to make the trailer as the most disliked trailer ever on YouTube. Agreed that Sushant Singh fans are not yet able to get over the grief of losing their beloved actor, whose death is still a mystery, but is it correct on the part of the fans to show such hatred against a film and the people associated with, who might not be directly connected to the great actor's death. After all, a film is not only about the hero and the heroine. Lots of other people are associated with its making and lots of effort are also put to make it see the light of the day. So many technicians, musicians, spot boys, junior artistes, extras and other direct-indirect staff are also involved with the making of a film. So why punish them all? Why spread such a hate campaign that may result in many ordinary people losing their means of livelihood? Should we not be a bit more pragmatic?
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    What I feel that those who were wielding the Bollywood virtually and not allowing others talents to come up in spite of their own surge and acceptance in the society, they must be taught a fitting lesson that people would like a movie and they would even dislike a trailer. Over the past 60 days the social media is agog with activities of proofs and evidences which led to murder of famed actor Shushant Singh Rajput, but the powers that may be in Bollywood and the Mumbai police are suppressing the facts and maintaining it as the suicide. This very culture of the Bollywood annoyed the netizens and they took on to Twitter and trolled the Mumbai actors who never said in favor of SSR. Thus the anger spread to their on going film projects and in future also they would taste the fury of fans who wants justice done for SSR.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The death of Sushant Singh Rajput initiated the anti-nepotism mood in many Indians. There are over 56 lakh dislikes on YouTube for this Sadak 2 trailer. These are just in one day. This shows how seriously people have taken the death of that actor. An old video clip of Alia mocking Sushant began doing the rounds online and that is an added reason for this issue. Mahesh and Alia were in the centre of the storm in the death incident of Sushant. Some of the remarks made by Alia also added ghee to the fire. All the four lead actors in this film, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Pooja Bhatt. are from the actor's family only. This may be also a reason for this.
    When something unfair happened to someone who is sincere, the others should at least maintain silence. But some actors talked belittle about Sushant after his death and Alia is also there on that list. This is also may be one of the reasons.

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    I would not call this as reaction of a single instance as the author has a feeling of but instead & rather, I would recall with the numbers of instances that has resulted into this. This uprising is a sign to stop taking things for granted and this is applicable for everyone including the Bollywood actors and even to the politicians.

    Even slowly but we are waking-up and this is a good sign.

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    Many times people just start making their decision without understanding the whole thing or they are in favor of which more people talk in the same direction, so many times, things take a new form out of their real issue.
    We should look at both aspects of everything and then a decision should be taken
    People should understand that any issue going on in the media is related to someone's life and it is not right to give their view in this way without knowing their circumstances. If there is nepotism somewhere in the film industry, on the other hand there are many examples where talent have been seen, not the family, but before any decision, consider both the sides, only then take the decision and should not just run after the social media crowd

    Swati Sharma

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    We know how difficult it is to reach to a certain position for a common man. But for star kids, it is not required. After reaching certain position, it is again difficult for the common man to maintain that position. But for star kids, it is not required. Why such discrimination? Up to how many centuries we have to see (Prithvi Raj Kapoor -> Raj Kapoor -> Rishi Kapoor -> Ranbir Kapoor -> -------)
    Here, the social media came handy to the common man. It can be used to democratise any field. Sadak 2 became a good example. If the same technique is used for politics also, we can see good leaders in future.

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    One man's medicine is another man'spoisosn.
    Now everything is like that.
    Every one in the world is suffereing in one way or other. Each one has his own grievance.
    So I agree with Ved Praksh Anand when he says"a sign to stop taking things for granted and this is applicable for everyone ".
    It is being clear more and more that big people and big business try to lead everything asthey want or wish. Taking name of smaller fry is just convenience and camouflage.

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    When the common masses are angry these things happen. In this case the people are having a big doubt the way the things happened and presented and that is why it is now under the CBI scanner. The anger and anguish of people has culminated in this protest. This is a normal reaction.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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