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    Celebrating Independence Day online with the true spirit

    The present pandemic is forcing all of us to avoid public gathering and since all the educational institutes are closed Mountain High School thought of celebrating the 74th Independence Day online two months ago. A group of students led by Ritesh made a request to the principal of the school to organize the celebration in a different way. The plan was to make students aware and let them understand that we all have a responsibility towards fellow citizens.

    According to the plan, the celebration started at 9 AM on 15th August. The principal was the host in Zoom, the cloud-based meeting app, and Ritesh was the co-host for the event. Invitation link to join the program was sent to all the students and the teachers. The Principal along with a few teachers, all wearing masks and standing at a distance, gathered at the school ground and hoisted the Tricolour of India. All the participants sang the National Anthem by standing on the floor at their respective places and after that, the Principal announced that Ritesh will play a small video showcasing only the flag hoisting on the Independence Days of the previous few years. The intention was to show how the faces, hoisting the flag, change over the years and change is inevitable everywhere. Then he played another video showing how students actively took part in distributing relief materials to the affected people in the cyclone Amphan that ravaged many parts of West Bengal a few months ago. It's a part of our lives and during this pandemic when many of us are spending a significant time inside our homes we are getting enough time to realize that helping each other in the time of crisis is necessary.

    The participants watched both these videos with rapt attention and after the show was over the principal began his speech. The speech was about the sacrifice of our freedom fighters and the hard-earned freedom from the British rulers. It was also about the values taught by Mountain High School to make the students responsible citizens of the country. The speech ended and the participants clapped and nodded their head in appreciation. Gauging the mood of the students, the principal requested a performance from the participants. Around 10 students performed for a short duration. A few sang, others recited and one student displayed a picture that he has drawn for the special occasion. The closing address was delivered by the Vice-Principal describing how independence made us responsible towards each other and how this responsibility is keeping us united even when there is chaos in many places. After this, the event ended with the words Jai Hind that reverberated from every corner of the screen.

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    For the entire nation and the people this is the new normal situation to celebrate the Independence day online with true spirit and surely there would be much more pride and attachment to the country.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This year Independence day will be celebrated by people in their own ways which reflects their feeling and respect for the nation, as we all proud to be an Indian. This new movement for celebrating online Independence day will be one of the best gift to our martyrs. Jai Hind.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    The idea of showing the earlier year's video recording of independence day celebration is somewhat unique and it would definitely bring a new dimension in the entire online independence day celebration. The spirit with which the whole celebration was planned and executed appears to be mastermind and deserves accolades. The deep participation of the students is also quite enthralling.
    Knowledge is power.

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