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    Reciting patriotic poem during online celebrations of school on the eve of Independence day

    Amit was studying in class IX in Govt Intermediate College, Rudrapur. He was missing his friends much and was not relishing the online classes. His mind was always wandering in the memories of those friends and the school environment. Last time they had presented a group song on the eve of 15th August, the Independence day but this year it was very different as the pandemic forced everyone to remain within the boundaries of the house. Amit was really feeling very sad and depressed thinking about all these changes that have taken place in their lives recently. Anyway with sad feelings he went to the corner of the room where online class was to start in a few minutes. Amit put the link on and was waiting for the teacher. Soon, teacher came on the screen and told that before the class starts there is one important announcement regarding the online celebrations on the eve of 15th August. Suddenly Amit felt so happy hearing that as he wanted to see the students doing such activities at least on the screen itself. Teacher informed that those who are interested to take part have to give their names along with the activity in which they want to participate. Amit gave his name for poem reciting. His father was a writer and used to write poems for the magazines and internet sites. Some of those poems got prizes also and his father was well known in the literary circles. Amit used to practice reciting these poems and sometimes presented them to the relatives and friends who visited their house. He told his father about it and got a patriotic poem from him and started practicing.

    On the Independence day eve the function started at 8 AM and the principal of the school along with a few teachers and a skeleton staff completed the flag hoisting and that video was shown to the students and they were asked to stand up for a while and saluted to the flag. After that the students started to participate from their own houses and one by one presented their speech or song etc. Soon Amit got his turn and in a loud voice he presented it in front of his laptop and it made a great impact on everyone viewing the program. After the thanks giving speech the function ended and the teacher announced that Principal has announced prizes for all the participating students and same would be sent to their houses. Amit was very happy and was thrilled to experience the first online celebration and shared it with his parents who were also very happy and satisfied by the performance of their son.

    This is my entry for the contest Independence day online celebrations in school.
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    It's a special feeling to recite a patriotic poem on Independence Day and Amit was thrilled not only because of the special day but also because the poem was written by his father. The situation has forced students to stay home and there is no face-to-face interaction with their friends. Such online celebrations make students happy and excited and especially on an important day like Independence Day when they get a chance to showcase their talent this excitement lingers for some time.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The author has touched the important part of the Independent day celebrations as without reciting the patriotic poem and giving tribute to freedom martyrs it would half done.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good submission from the author. My father is also a poet and I used to read some poems written by him in our school competitions. Of course, not in independence day celebrations. Every year the school was celebrating Anniversary before the holidays after the examinations were completed. In that connection, we used to have different competitions and poems reading is one competition.
    It gives a special feeling to participate in such competitions and those memories will be there in our mind always. It is a change for the students in the present-day situation to have some such activities.

    always confident

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    Many students who have a good proficiency in speaking, singing, and poem recitation look forward to such functions eagerly and for them it is a great opportunity to showcase their talent.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Patriotism can be awakened in individuals through patriotic poems. These poems have their own special significance on special days. Those who have a love for their motherland and a spirit of zeal and sacrifice to do anything for them are referred to as patriots, that is, to discharge their duties in a selfless manner is called patriotism. It also encourages people to live, love, fight and give up their lives if needed.Love towards the country naturally develops like love towards the family. However, I love my country and am very proud of it.
    Swati Sharma

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