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    Get rid of expecting share from others possession. Reason for face off

    Why the quarrel, fight, stand off and face off takes place, it is because we are not satisfied with our share and want to grab some part of others possession and therefore there would commotion, unrest and even war like situation. Being content with what we have is not the mentality of many, they want to show their cult feature, their dominance on others and how they suppress the legitimate rights of the others would gives rise uneasy tensions which were not either too expected. So be content with what you have and never eye in the share of yours on their rights.
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    True. One should have satisfaction with what he has. We should never try to grab from others. We should earn. We should put all our efforts and earn nobly. Nothing wrong. But all problems start with comparison and jealousy. Another problem is trying to have easy money. Because of these traits, only the problems and enmity between the persons is on raise.
    One should decide and try to work hard for getting his desires fulfilled. There may be people who acquired money from the elders and so they may be enjoying. But why should we compare ourselves with them? If you have some aspirations, try to achieve them by a fair means and by working hard. Never try short cuts or never to steel. These will cause many problems.
    Quarrel, fight, standoff and face off will result in unrest and tensions. They will create health problems for us. So we should avoid all those.

    always confident

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    Whoever is born in the world does not bring anything with him and when leaves the world then also not take anything but that creator created this kind of game with human life. As long as we alive will continue to run throughout the life. due to which we will never be satisfied in this world in our whole life. People who have complaints from their lives, people who are not satisfied with their lives, their mind can never be calm. Such people are always restless and face mental stress. Satisfied people do not want such money that will end your happiness and peace. Satisfaction comes only when your mind is in your control and when you do not compare yourself to others.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Some people are too much ambitious and competitive and they go to the extent of eating out from the share of others. This is definitely in a bad taste and we must avoid such ugly practices in our lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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