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    Is Corona really a deadly virus? - Doubt has been raised

    Is Corona really a deadly virus that kills the affected?
    As of now the total infected/recovere/death cases in the world is as below

    Infected ............. 210 lakhs
    Recovered........... 130 lakhs (about 61 percent)
    Undergoing treatment - 71 lakhs ( 36 percent)
    Deaths................ 7 lakhs (only 3 percent) In India, it is less than 2 percent.

    If corona is a very serious and deadly virus, why the death toll is only just 3 percent?
    If there was no medicine/vaccine to cure this deadly virus, how could 60 percent recover from the virus attack?

    It raises serious doubts in our minds. Is there any serious misunderstanding about this virus? How the medical community is treating the patients with 60 percent recovery? Something fishy.

    How the hospitals are charging over 3 lakhs to treat a patient when there is no medicine available? There is some malpractice going on around the world. Corona is helping the medical community for prosperity. It is alleged that most of the infections are not COVID, but ordinary to help medical community and certain authorities to make money.

    What is your good thought on this virus, its spread, its infection, recovery and death?
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    The doctors understood more about the virus as time is passing. Today they have better medicines in hand and some companies came out with medicines for the treatment of this virus.
    Another point is the virus is undergoing a mutation and in the process, it is losing its strength.
    Today we are confident that if there are no other complications to the individual, he can get cured with the available medication.
    These days we are hearing many cases who are tested positive for corona but have no symptoms without any other health problems. All these put together we are feeling that the virus is not deadly. But it is contagious. It will go from one person to another person. In a house, if one person gets this virus the other members in the house will also be tested positive.
    In my relations circle, 10 people got this virus problem. Out of them, 5 persons have no symptoms. They were in the home quarantine with no medication. They tested negative after 14 days. 3 persons had mild symptoms. They were quarantined in the house and medicines were given. After 14 days they tested negative. The remaining two were hospitalised. One person recovered and tested negative and got released from the hospital. The 10th person tested negative in 3 days after hospitalisation and the hospital planned to send the home patient home in the morning. But in the morning the patient died due to a heart attack. This patient is having sugar, BP and asthma and earlier also once she had a mild heart attack. From this analysis, we can say chances of recovery are more than 90%.

    always confident

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    Depending upon the equilibrium between an incurable disease and human resistance there is a point at which the mortality rate hovers. Of course there are other factors like availability of hospitals, doctors and infrastructure. There are many ambiguities and confusions in the data but it is giving some indication as how much deadly the disease or infection is.

    There is some confusion in the mind of general public (including me) about these things. There are some points which are to be understood using the common sense. First is that the mortality rate is almost consistent at about 5% which indirectly means that about 95% people are getting cured by their own body resistance or hospital care.

    Let me do a simple calculation to make the point more clear. I am using the data given by the author for my convenience. Out of a total 130 + 7 = 137 lakhs people about 7 lakh died so the death percentage is (7/137) x 100 = 5%.

    71 lakhs are undergoing treatment and though we pray to God that none dies out of them even then we do not know the future so we have to exclude them from our calculations time being as far as the exercise of finding the prevailing death rate is considered.

    The irony of this pandemic is that those who have not got it, are in a different mindset and are not realising the gravity. But the doctors and nurses who are struggling day and night to treat the patients and also to save themselves from the infection know it better.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Corona may not be the deadly disease as we thought earlier, but the way the patient who has been tested positive is being looked after and being neglected even after recovering has become biggest challenge in the society as they feel even one person contracting the disease is enough to gives rise to series of such infections to others. Gone are the days when people used to call us now and then and inquire about the health, now no one is calling because we may ask for the money which runs in to lakhs. Why so much has been charged for the patient is the question no one is able to answer properly. And who is going to get next is the million dollar question and therefore for the self interest and for the better of the others. people want to live alone and be aloof for some days so that the disease subsidizes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We still cannot be negligent in this regard.
    Statistics can be fashioned and interpreted in anyway.

    The world was really shocked from head to bottom about this virus attack for a couple of months initially. World was a poor helpless victim to the attacks of an invisible, unknown enemy. Hence we just could not select our weapons and defence. We did not know which weapon can drive away the enemy. The enemy was on top dancing on the world for a couple of months. The stories coming out were really scary and it was natural that everyone was scared to the hilt.

    Now we talk and try to be a little bolder only after lakhs have laid their lives; some who were in the frontline defence also.

    The suffering and trauma of critical patients in the early days were so frightening and disheartening that it sent chills in the minds of witnesses. Even now the critical patients undergo sever trauma. God Forbid. Due to the hard work of health sector personnel, Governments and NGOs there is awareness among people and except for some deliberately negligent and overconfident people most people try to take precautions. The health sector, virologists etc. have gained some experience which has helped to reduce fatality and criticality to some extent. Thank God it has not taken to more dangerous mutations.

    Now let us pray and hope for an effective medicine and vaccine and treatment to reduce criticality and fatality.

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    I think that the modern medical facilities and a large number of hospitals have helped in managing the patients of this deadly diseases but due to no medicines invented for this disease there is a continuous death toll and the same is still continuing. So this is definitely a deadly disease and we should educate our people to take care and observe all possible precautions. Life is precious and we must take care.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Though it has been established that this corona pandemic does not take lives more than 5 per cent and going by this calculation, it appears that the mortality rate is still satisfactory. However, we need to take utmost care of such patients suffering from pandemic since life is precious and we cannot leave these patients on our pre calculated assumptions.
    This disease can be managed with the maintenance of safety measures including wearing the masks and maintaining the safe distance so that we may not fall prey to this virus.
    It appears that we are not sensitive to all these issues though there is no alternative rout.
    In India, because of so many variables such as migration of labours from their working zone to their native place along with their families sometimes on barefoot in absence of trains and bus, the figure of infection escalated phenomenally. Though this variable is within limit but still, we should check our unnecessary movements to contain the figure going to the alarming level as of now.

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    Corona is not at all a deadly virus. But, once affected you may either survive or die. Now, why is it so? So, here I would like to give some briefing about the Corona Virus so that you can understand it in a much better way.

    Corona Virus has been classified into two different types i.e. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) & MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). Out of these two the virus of SARS is similar to that of a Common Cold virus. In a simple way to understand, SARS is just an upgraded version of the common cold virus. Unlike, the common cold virus which spreads through the air, the corona virus SARS & MERS do spread by air. Because if they were air borne viruses then we would all have got affected till now. Out of these two, MERS is the highly dangerous virus but it is the SARS that has been spread everywhere. Now, what SARS does is that if affects the respiratory tract and makes it difficult for us to breathe which causes the death. Initially, when this virus enters our body it stays there inside our body for 14 days and multiplies itself. It then goes inside your lungs and generates mucus in a huge quantity which blocks away the air sacs completely causing shortness in breath and eventually leading to death. This is the same thing that happens when you are affected by common cold or flu but the process is slow and you get enough time to treat and cure it. SARS can also be treated but one should have a stronger immune system to withstand it and get recovered. Also, if proper care and treatment is given to everyone, all of them can be saved. People who are generally getting recovered from this virus indicates that they have a healthy immune system because of which they can combat this virus.

    Now, who are the ones for whom this virus is considered as a deadly virus? They are,

    1. Infants and young teens - Due to weak yet developing immune system they do not have the strength to fight this virus which leads to death.

    2. Senior citizens (age 60+) - Due to old age they hold a weaker immune system which makes this virus deadly for them.

    3. People having medical conditions - Individuals who have medical conditions like diabetes (both types 1 & 2), kidney diseases, liver problems, heart diseases need to take immense care of themselves otherwise it can be fatal to them.

    4. Victims of Lifestyle Diseases - People who are the owners of lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart problems, cardiovascular diseases, malnutrition, B.P. issues, hypertension, varicose veins etc. they all need to take good care of their health as they are more prone to get affected by corona virus. This virus can be fatal to these people as well.

    So, to conclude, people with a bad health background which obviously leads to a poor & weak immune system and people those who have certain medical conditions as mentioned above are having more chances to get affected by Corona Virus and have a less recovery rate than people who have a stronger immune system.

    On a final note, I would say that don't be afraid of this virus. Eat good food (nutrition rich food), exercise daily for minimum 30 minutes, drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. All this will help you build a stronger immune system and no corona virus is going to affect you. Plus, take all the necessary precautions as being mentioned by the government especially while you are going out. The only reason why Corona Virus cases are increasing day by day is because people are NOT following the precautionary guidelines. This is the reason people are making false assumptions that the corona virus is a deadly virus but actually it is NOT.

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