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    Online Celebration of India's Independence by a girls' school

    How to celebrate the Independence Day of India is a question for the school authority of the Missionary Girls' Secondary School because of the ongoing pandemic. Just a month left still nothing is final. Gradually, they decide to download Zoom App to use its video conferencing facility and send the link to the students and the staff. Thus, the Principal Sister and other Sisters of the school, who live in the convent within the school campus, chalk out a programme to involve every member of the school.

    Finally, it's 15th Aug 2020 at 07:30 A.M, every one of the school enthusiastically logs in to the Zoom link and connects with the host. Around 07:45 the Head Girl, Pratibha Jain, virtually welcomes everyone. She says that though physical presence is missing, still getting connected to the school is a matter of joy. She conveys that the school will upload a video clipping of the last year's school band marching and playing the national anthem Jana Gana Mana just after the unfurling of the tricolour. Pratibha reminds everyone to stand up during the flag hoist ceremony.

    At 08:15, the Principal Sister hoists the Indian Flag. Immediately the visual of the marching band playing the national anthem comes up. The Zoom video also shows the students, the teachers, and other family members whoever watching from their home are standing at attention. After the clipping, the Principal Sister addresses the small gathering, maintaining all precautions, on the ground, and to the virtual school members.

    She makes an impactful speech by changing some systems of the school. The Principal mentions that although the pandemic has created a physical distance, it has connected everyone emotionally. We have become more compassionate towards each other, which we should maintain even after the end of the virus. Life is precious, and we don't know when it will cease to see the light of another day, so it's better to give up all kinds of discrimination. In this regard, she announces that after the school reopens, there will be an unlimited number of sports and talent programmes, but no contests. There will be inter-school contests but no competition within the school. She exclaims: try to become a better human being, then only you would learn to love selflessly. She concludes her speech with an announcement that the Independence Day celebration from 2020 will be only for entertainment and won't be a contest. Before thanking everyone for joining the event virtually, requests the Cultural Minister of the student cabinet, Meeta Singh, to conduct the cultural programme.

    Immediately Meeta invites the Montessori wing, and it presents fancy dress by dressing up as the freedom fighters, the Primary section stages dance number on the live medley of patriotic songs. Then comes the Secondary wing with a chain of skits presenting the lives and sayings of the great personalities of India. It brings an end of the cultural programme, and Meeta Singh concludes the Independence Day celebration with a vote of thanks.

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    It is always lovable and interesting to watch small children dressed up as freedom fighters and the author made this great inclusion in celebrating the 74 th Independence day with fervor.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good story of online celebrations of Independence Day in girls high school. It is good for the student to participate in fancy dress programs. During my school days, I participated in the School Annual day and performed the action in a fancy dress show. Planning those events for August 15th is a good thought. The author presented the story very well. If it is a competition, students will get motivated better.
    always confident

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