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    A memorable independence day-celebrated virtually

    Meera and Sunil were cousins. They were very good at stage shows. Independence day was a wonderful occasion for them to showcase their calibre. This year since schools are yet to get a start, both were sad to miss a wonderful opportunity.

    On 13th August, principal called them to record a stage show within their premises and upload the video in what's app to be presented on 74th Independence day. Likewise, the school had green hose, blue house, red house and the yellow house which were allotted with a dance performance not exceeding two or three students of the same family to practice, record and upload it to School's what's app group. Meera and Sunil were one among the groups. Since students were practising and as dance was a part of their virtual classes, did not face such issues.

    On 14th August, a message was sent to all the parents through the school group -
    "Dear Parent,

    Be a part of the 74th virtual independence day celebration through zoom. Make yourselves free between 8:00 am to 8:40 tomorrow, 15th August 2020, Meeting ID and password will be sent at sharp 7:50 am.

    Thank you,

    Principal, Sri Vani Impact School"

    The program was well planned to be executed along with march past from teachers, welcome speech, speech on freedom fighters for about 2 minutes were recorded in English, Hindi and Kannada too. Management had planned to give two prizes out of the four groups. Four dance programs were allotted only 3 minutes each. Vote of thanks was to be delivered by teachers.

    The parents who received this message were very happy to attend the program from those own premises.The program went on smoothly and ended up within 40 minutes as per the scheduled time. Green house won the first prize and blue house won the second prize. A box of chocolates were kept aside to be distributed to students once they come regularly to school.

    This is one of the memorable independence day in history after India won its independence.
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    This above thread is for the Independence day contest

    I tried to use edit forum thread but was not successful. Hope you would consider my entry for the contest.

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    The pandemic is forcing all of us to opt for the online version and schools are no exception to this. The author has narrated about the celebrations of Independence Day in a good way. I have a little doubt regarding the box of chocolates kept in the school for distributing to the students later on. Let's hope they remain intact till the school reopens.

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    The box of chocolates is a hope for the children that the pandemic issues would be settled and they will reach school one fine morning.
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    The author has really penned the memorable Independence day celebrations and the narration was like seeing the happenings in front of our eyes.
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    Nice way of presentation. The dance programme was planned well. Meera and Sunil might have felt happy as they got a chance to showcase their talent on the occasion of Independence day. Making parents also a part of the function is very good. Well narrated.
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