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    Can the social media be used to get the best public opinion?

    Each one of us are the members in any one of the social media like Facebook, Twitter or whatsapp. While Facebook and Whatsapp are even associated with the family groups, it is the Twitter which can be effectively used by even Election Commission and gauge the popularity or the necessity of holding even elections for the seat which has become vacant due to death of the member of the assembly or even Parliament. The EC can use the social media to get the public opinion on any matter and even the Ministries can seek public opinion before taking any major decisions. What is your views?
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    These days all are using social media as a good platform to air their views and opinions. There is a liberty to people to air their views openly here. we see all ministers. MPs, MLAs and other government officials using Twitter to post their thoughts, These days whatever comes on twitter is becoming official. Even appreciations, condolences and other matters are posted on Twitter by these VIPs. So I feel Social media is a way to know about the feelings of public on various issues. But I don't know whether this is officially accepted media for circulation of governments decisions, rules and regulations.
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    In general we can say that social media depicts the feeling of the masses but using it officially is a difficult proposition as there are clever elements in the society who can manage the wrong voting and views by influencing the local masses which are already divided due to religion, cast, and political considerations. So, till that time that each and every view is verified with its Aadhaar number and its unique email and mobile number, it would be difficult to think in those terms. We have to be very much strict and disciplined with the masses if we really want to include them in the decision making process.
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    I would say no. Though we will find smart mobile devices in the hands of a large section of people and many of them are active in various social media platforms, they do not apply their minds all the time while expressing their views. Many become emotional and just follow what others have opined in the form of likes or comments. You will find this happening in many sensitive issues. Visuals make us react fast and often we decide without even thinking about the issues. We need to keep our emotions in control while making a decision or airing our opinion. Another important thing is making an informed choice for which a certain level of understanding on the matter is required. This level is not about any particular grade in school but a minimal level of decision making capability that develops with literacy. The literacy level should increase a lot before we can make an informed decision which many lacks in this country. Until then, it will be difficult to get a good opinion.

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