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    Be after yourself to increase efficiency and performance

    We need not expect others to inspect our performance and guide to do more and that is bossing of some one on you instead, be your own critic and be after yourself and look for more to increase the efficiency and performance. It may look odd for others that you are your own critic, but that is better than someone pointing out fingers and seeking improvement from us. One more thing when we see even little improvement that would give greater satisfaction because the progress was at our own insistence and not dictated by others.
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    We should analyze our works on our own and find out our mistakes then correct them , after correcting our mistakes, we will be better in next time, but on the other hand, I believe that if a person has more experience, then we should also think about the advice or could be a criticism given by him, whether the criticism is done by the person himself or someone , it will help us in the path of progress. But we should not back down from fearing criticism or negative comments of others, but rather feel that we will perform better and better each time and move ahead by comparing us with ourselves. If criticism is coming from the perspective of bringing change in you, then it is good for us. sometimes we can not judge ourselves as closely as others specially experienced persons would do.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Yes. I agree with the author. We have to decide on a benchmark and try our best to reach that. We have to plan for our improvement. We should know where we have to improve our efficiency and what are the skills required to reach our goals. A review mechanism should be in place. Regularly the review should be carried out and know the mistakes. Correct them and never repeat them.
    Take advice from the person who is good and more knowledgable than us and see whether we can implement those ideas. That will make us perform well and correct our mistakes. We can learn from the works of others and we can focus on the targets and run ahead of others so that we will be the front runners always in the race of life.
    We are the architectures of our future. So get motivated and start working hard with focus, success will be yours.

    always confident

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    A god thought by the author. Actually we are the judge of our own deeds. We must examine what we have done and if we feel during the review that we have done a wrong thing then we must try to correct it in our future endeavours.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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