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    Why do people show patriotism only on some special days ?

    Today, if you want to show patriotism, put two to four posts on Facebook or put the flag of India in your profile pic. But when it comes to doing something for the country, we do not even want to follow a small law like traffic signals.

    There are many songs which are full of patriotism. The patriotic songs play an important role in awakening the spirit among the children and youth of the country and often people hear these songs only on Independence Day and Republic Day, then people start thinking of themselves as the greatest patriots but

    After that, back to the normal life every, do we make any contribution to the country every day, are we really a true patriot? How can people make themselves patriotic ? Members please share your views.
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    I think the author is correct. We all will remember about the country on some special days like this. When we attend a flag hoisting function or some sort of similar function we all say that we have to dedicate ourselves to the cause of the nation. As 15th August is a holiday we all will be having the time and we will post some good messages on social media to show our patriotism. But the next day we are normal in our day to day affairs.

    Paying tax for the earnings as per the rules, demanding a receipt for all your purchases from a shop or elsewhere, following rules and regulations and respecting our co-citizens irrespective of their religion, caste or status. We can follow these issues in every walk of our life. That itself is a great service to the nation. Let us all take a pledge on this day to follow the few points mentioned above so that we can say always that we are real patriots.

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    Yes, the author is very right that it is only for a day or two that people become patriot and then they are back to their erring ways. Still, I feel that there are many who are really patriots and do not resort to such fake or show off things. That is the reason that our country is still progressing and developing in spite of so many odds. I feel that it is the primary duty of every citizen to contribute for the country in whatever way he can.
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    There are different types of patriotism that people display. One is the straight forward that is giving one's life for the country irrespective of anything or any personal consideration. This is the real patriotism and does not require any cross checking or test. Another type of patriotism is to do good deeds and refrain from corrupt practices and follow the honest route. This is also a good way to show one's patriotism for one's country. Today if our country is progressing and flourishing to whatever extent is because of this latter category of patriotism. The next category of patriotism is to talk about it and provoke others to be patriotic but do not mean it when it really comes to act like a patriot. The official form of patriotism is one step ahead where there would be a mix of both type of patriots the real ones as well as the escapists. But we cannot find who is who as we cannot make a person from what he talks. We have to see him acting like a patriot. If someone has made money from the Govt coffers then how he can be a treated as a patriot. At the same time an honest and sincere leader is definitely a patriot.
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    Appreciation to the author for raising a good question and it needs to be responded. What I feel that human beings are battered with so many tasks and achieving goals motto and in that process cannot remember everything and they tend to behave on a particular day as if they are more concerned about the nation and patriotism. In fact I split into laughs when I see deep thought messages on Independence being sent on social media and we know that those messages are also forwarded one and not original created. It is the fact that we have to say about those who fought for our freedom movement and that should not end with a particular day. The process of remembering and honoring those who have put their life first for the nation need to be honored at least on their birth day or death day.
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