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    National Digital Health Mission launched today

    Today our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Digital Health Mission from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of India's 74th Independence Day. As per this mission, every Indian will be given Unique digital identity. The health history of each identity will be stored digitally. When a patient goes to a hospital his entire health history can be viewed by the doctor on this site.

    This mission will be useful to cut a lot of paperwork which a patient has to take care of before visiting a new hospital. The government officials said that the safeguard mechanisms would be built to take care of the privacy issues of the patients.
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    It is a good start on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, through this scheme, every doctor in the country will be given a unique identifier through this platform. This number will be different from the registration number. Every citizen will be given a unique health ID. All personal records will contain all the health related information of the citizen, a fee has to be paid for making a digital signature in India. However neither the user nor the doctor has to pay for this service. Under this, there is a plan to collect the registration of doctors, which will vary from state to state.
    Swati Sharma

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    This seems to be an ambitious plan as would entail a lot of digital technology in its actual process. Once in place it would be very beneficial to the people as well as hospitals and medical institutions as many things would be known about the patient just from the card itself. I whole heartedly appreciate the planning and idea behind this challenging but useful project.
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    This is one of the best decisions taken by the Modi government as it concerns to the health of the citizens across the country and by keeping the information of each citizen in digital mode any doctor can retrieve such information and give right kind of medical advise even during the situation like pandemic and lock down. The way people could not get the medical attention even for their regular disease during Covid 19 times might have prompted the central government to have the digital register of medical history of any patient. Suppose the patient goes for foreign country also such information of the patient can be had online and need not go through the regular check up as asked by the doctors often. India is poised for the new beginning in this way and everyone of us are now heath assured.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    What I really feel is -This is not a system that we need. A health card should be the responsibility of the individual to care and have it recorded in a smart card or somewhere. The government is overburdening its own job. The government should carry on with welfare measures, including health care, based on Aadhaar identity. What the citizen interested is a free healthcare without any money.
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    It is said that this card would contain all the earlier treatment information of the patient. Let us see how it is being designed. Will this card have some memory chip or things like that or simply access the Govt server and fetch the data. Once these modalities are worked out then it would become very useful for the patients as well as the doctors who want to refer to the patient's history before going on for the present treatment line.
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    Whatever progress in this country has happened is mainly under the aegis of digital technology. For example after the Railway went for the computerised reservation system it became very convenient and easy for the people to book a ticket. The Railway reservation system is based on practical aspect and all sort of passengers are covered in it with various options. Another one is the example of computerisation of IT returns and refunds. So, this new national health scheme if done in the same way of digitised systems for data upkeep and records then it could be again a success story in its own way. But as well said there are many slips between the cup and the lips, we do not know the effectiveness of these systems until they are implemented in a proper way. Thinking big is alright but the machinery below has to follow it in the same spirit.
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    This will take some more time like the aadhar registration. It is said that the medical suggestions and prescription will digitalised too. This will help to know the health of new born babies, mothers and the elder citizens who has to be cares the most.
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    All members are supporting this digital health card. I do not know how it is going to work, and how it would be helpful to a person or a government.?

    As of now, all the non COVID + citizens are taken to hospital for treatment for a number count. I expect some foul play with the digital health cards. Hospitals are happy to receive patients with health insurance cards held with them. This helps the hospitals to charge the patients as they feel like, and they claim heavily from the insurance agencies. There is some hidden agenda behind this digital health cards.

    Can any member explain it in detail?

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